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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 

How Can A Separatist Like Sarah Palin Be A Vice President When She Wanted Her State To Secede From The USA???

According to officials of the Alaska Independence Party, Governor Palin was a card carrying member before she became a Republican!

She says that she loves the USA ... yet she wanted her state to secede from the Union! How does that work?

While everyone is more focused on her pregnant teenage daughter for the moment (naughty scandals always get people's interest first) I think some hard questions need to be asked about her loyalty to the country she could be President of one day if Americans are stupid enough to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket!

She's a SEPARATIST! How can you be a potential Vice President of the United States of American when you wanted to break up the Union??

(I tried to point this out to Kate at smalldeadanimals but as usual, she won't allow my posts on her site. Fair ball ... I don't want her ilk here either!)

She's not a separatist; she's a trainwreck.

Poor Republicans had to worry about a hurricane named Gustav and a
s**tstorm of controvery about their entire convention, party command, delegates and public perception.

Separatist is nothing.

Trainwreck--now that's good news.

LOL, Really? Kate kicked you off SDA? Did you comment on a post relating to Sarah Palin or on a different post?

Seperatism and patriotism are interchangable terms depending on who you are speaking to.

Actually if you read about the Alaska Independence Party, the main plank to their platform is that the referendum on Alaskan statehood didn't follow international law on de-colonization because it didn't offer Alaska independance as option. The UN generally wanted these referendums to choose from joining as a state, gaining commmonwealth status, remaining a territory, or becoming and independant country. Alaska was never offerred two of those options, and was not granted statehood under the letter of international law.

The AIP makes perfect sense in a number of ways.

huffb1 ... Kate has periodically eliminated or barred my posts when I tell the truth. It is for that reason that I occasionally block extreme right wing nonsense! She claims that she is all inclusive ... but she is not.

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