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Thursday, September 25, 2008 

Reform Party Policy On Immigrants IS ALIVE AND WELL In Harper's Conservatives!

Unless you are a First Nations person, everyone of us had ancestors that were immigrants to Canada. That also includes Calgary Centre Conservative Member of Parliament, Lee Richardson.

Yet he seems to believe that immigrants to Canada are the reason for much of our crime. Tories will come running to his defense to say that Mr. Richardson now 'regrets' his remarks. Damn right he does, he got caught telling us what he and his Party believes!

This guy absolutely needs to step down as a candidate. His tepid little 'regrets' is pathetic. If this guy does NOT step down, let's hear what Jason Kenney, (Harper's immigrant lieutenant) has to say about his colleague, Mr. Richardson!

You see why Harper keeps all Tory communications close to his fingertips ... when he doesn't, the true nature of what these guys believe gets into the public realm.

-Calgary Herald

Ir's also fun to see Kenney, Baird, Moore and others get all nervously twitchy when the cameras roll and all they can do is go round in circles like they have a shoe nailed to the floor.

I didn't really see anything racist with his comments..its an unspoken truth, hes not saying non-whites are physically or mentally inferior. How the hell is he racist? Granted, the way he said it wasn't PC, but many studies have said the same thing in more diplomatic terms. Immigrants need support, thats what it comes down to, from every level of gov't. They are our future.

I cannot for the life of me understand why whenever a Conservative, or any politician for that matter, says something controversial, everyone calls for their resignation. Is it really wise to censor our politicians? We should encourage them to speak their minds; only that way will we avoid hidden agendas and make the political process more transparent. If what these guys are saying or doing is that bad, let the voters hear of it and judge them accordingly. By silencing them, you're encouraging every other politician to remain silent, and that's dangerous.

Phil .... if you took a few seconds to read what you wrote, you would realize how completely idiotic your thoughts are.

The 85,000 immigrants who took out Canadian citizenship last year ARE ALL CRIMINALS!? ... "its an unspoken truth" .... "many studies have said the same thing" .... WHAT STUDIES ...?

Your crap is bordering on right wing extremism and if you didn't have a long history of posting on this site, I would delete your nonsensical response!!!!

Noam said, "By silencing them, you're encouraging every other politician to remain silent, and that's dangerous." (OR) calls for their resignation registers with ALL politicians that they should perhaps engage their brain before they engage their mouths.

In my lengthy experience with politics, it seems to me that the word 'reactionary' ... (most often applied to the Right wing of the spectrum) is an appropriate description of those who merely 'react' without thoughtful analysis.

Right wing politics well suits fairly dumb and reactive individuals.

Look at the policy of Harper's governmment to safe injection sites - despite ALL medical advice to them which urges continuing with risk reduction strategies, the Cons continue to remain completly 'reactive' on the topic.

I think that the Conservatives are in some ways the least reactionary, in that they are actively working to remake the country (or world) into what they want it to be, and they ruthlessly try to make it happen. They do, however, pander to reactionaries.

He may have a point thier Buckdog! Before 1492 us First Nations lived in a utopia!!! LOL, :P

Good one! LOL ... I agree ... before 1492 there wasn't a lot of crime around these parts!!

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