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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 

Stephen Harper Announces That Canada Will 'Cut and Run' From Afghanistan in 2011

"A Conservative government would withdraw the bulk of Canadian troops from Afghanistan in 2011, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday. "We're planning for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan in 2011. We've been very clear about that," Harper told reporters ... "
National Post

Don't tell me that the War in Afghanistan is NOT registering as a problem in Tory polling results!!

He's going to need the troops in order to join McCain in attacking Iran.

You wish I was joking.

Yeah, yeah I really do.

. . . 'Cut and Run' From Afghanistan . . .

Or, is that Harper retreating?

David ... have you seen any recent polling numbers on what Canadians think about Afghanistan?

The number of Canadians who disapprove of the country's military action in Afghanistan is at its highest point since 2002, according to the results of a new poll sponsored by CBC News.

The survey, conducted by Environics between Friday and Tuesday, found that 34 per cent of respondents "strongly disapprove" of Canada's participation in military action in Afghanistan, while 22 per cent "somewhat disapprove," making a total of 56 per cent.

More important is this:

The current number of Canadians who said the mission wasn't likely to be successful was 65 per cent, compared with 58 per cent in the 2006 poll.

That view will gradually turn more against the mission as the cost in lives sinks in, considering the increasing view that it’s un-winnable.

I love that "cut and run" line in this context. Stevie had that coming. This announcement is nothing new, though. Just re-stating what he said before, and leaving that nice loophole for later - something about changing the nature of the mission and "may" leave some troops.

It's vote buying bull-shit, most people know that, but I'd love to read what wingnuts are saying about this pretend softer Harper who now says 10 years is long enough. Except I can't stomach their sites.

I agree with Mike about the Iran bit. The signs are there, both sides of the border.

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