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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 

New Democrats Made Huge $urge In Quebec During The Last Federal Election

At the end of a federal election campaign, any party or candidates that earn at least 10% of the vote in a riding get much of their actual election expenditures reimbursed by Elections Canada.

At the end of the 2006 election in the Quebec ridings, the New Democrats only qualified in 4 federal constituencies for reimbursement. After the recent campaign, they achieved over 10% of the vote in 50 of the provinces's 75 ridings.

You can expect to see and hear a lot more from the federal New Democrats in la Belle Province during the next federal campaign!

Montreal Gazette

Building the base is the first thing one does to eventually win the seat. That's how northern Ontario was won.

I know it is not related, but I thought you would want this; if you haven't already heard it.http://www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=n1028145A

Wow. Thanks Trent ... I hadn't seen the Macleans piece. I feel bad for the family of the young guy who was killed.

Not to burst your bubble leftdog

but the NDP has a small problem in Quebec

Mulcair won his seat against an unknown Liberal who was named after the writ dropped, and even then it was closer than usual.

Lagace Dowson got 22% and didnt get half of what Garneau got.

The other two "star" candidates both came 3rd behind the Liberals in the ridings where they ran.

Tom Mulciar was on the radio smearing Ignatieff three days after the election too calling him a "foreigner" and such...before Dion resigned.

if the LPC is back up and running in Quebec, the NDP will have a hard time building on that one seat, and have a very hard time holding on to the one they have.

That may well be Antonio. However, you have to admit that by virtue of the fact that the New Dems have a financial kitty to start the next campaign with (in 50 of 75 ridings), our concept of incremental advance of 'creeping socialism' is well under way in Quebec? ;)

It looks like a base is being built in Quebec. I expect as the Bloc begins to be seen as ineffective, the NDP will begin picking up the left vote.

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