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Monday, October 20, 2008 

Rahim Jaffer Was Told Of His Election Loss AFTER He Gave His Victory Speech ... then went and hid in the kitchen for an hour!

When Conservative Rahim Jaffer found out he lost the election last Tuesday night to NDP candidate Linda Duncan after he had earlier delivered his victory speech at a bar called 'The Ranch' in Edmonton-Strathcona, Alta., he hid in the bar's kitchen for an hour.

According to the CBC TV's The National report, Mr. Jaffer, who had held the seat for 11 years, arrived at his campaign party "victorious" and to supporters who "were ready for a celebration." Two television networks had announced he had won, but he later had to tell reporters his statement was premature. He went into the bar's kitchen for an hour, later emerged without officially conceding defeat, and left the bar without taking any questions from the media. On Thursday, Mr. Jaffer finally conceded defeat to Ms. Duncan and congratulated her after the riding's returning officer validated the results that afternoon.

Ms. Duncan, an environmental lawyer, is considered an NDP star, after snatching the seat by a margin of one per cent or 463 votes."
The Hill Times

Photo by and courtesy of Shaughn Butts/Edmonton Journal

I always found Rahim Jaffer an annoying, snarky and boorish person both in question period and on Politics with Don Newman. His spiritual counterpart is Pierre Poilievre.

Jaffer often had to apologise in the House and his goings-on in the House were unbecoming of an MP.

I'd write more but I'm starting to foam at the mouth.

That would have been so humiliating, but humiliation seems to follow Jaffer. Wasn't he the conservative politician who had someone else pretend to be him on a phone-in talk in show and got caught in this "whose speaks for me" scam?

Torontonian, do you have rabies?


Are you familiar with allegory and other literary devices?

I also didn't mention the "being in two places at once" episode.
I was pressed for time and had difficulty putting it into words.

As for rabies, the answer is no.

I haven't had a sick day in more than 10 years and I'm 64!

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