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Thursday, November 13, 2008 

Ahh ... Pity The Poor Banks .... (Flaherty Is Driven By Right Wing Ideology)

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is making $50 Billion tax dollars available to the Canadian banking system by buying out residential mortgages.

Right wing ideology says that with an extra $50 Billion in their pockets, the Banks will gladly start lending money to consumers! The fly in the ointment is that the the Harper government has not made this general mortgage buyout contingent on the banks doing just that .... LENDING out money!

We have already seen resistance from the American banking system who are hoarding the hundreds of billions of tax dollars coming their way from the Bush administration.

So ... exactly what tells Jim Flaherty that Canadian banks will not do the same?

We are witnessing one of the worst thefts of tax dollars in recorded history. We are witnessing an outright pillage of the public purse ... the money going to the hands of Wall Street, Bay Street and the banking industry.

Friends .. we are being taken to the cleaners - our pockets are being picked - we are going to hell in a handbag.

More .....

Welcome to the Conservative Nanny State.

Don't let any of these jackasses tell you this has anything to do with the "free market". This is socialism for the rich and Flaherty is no different than Hugo Chavez.

Flaherty's neocon perspective won't allow him to "inject liquidity" the way Britain is.

I get the feeling Harper and Flaherty are going to cause this crisis to mutate into a disaster. Flaherty's been running around for the past week like a chicken-hawk with its head cut off. I'm not much inspired with confidence at his display so far.

This is a copy of my posting on Torontoist.com on the subject of Flaherty.

There's an air of real desperation in this matter. The desperation akin to a young couple forced to sell their furniture to play the mortgage.

Of course, Flaherty is like that, isn't he? Worse than a nosy aunt who wants to know the price of things, he's the one trying to figure out how much he can get for something.

Harper once said something to the effect, "you won't recognise the country once I'm finished with it".

Let's put 24 Sussex up for sale and sell it out
from under him. Maybe that'll smarten him up.


Delicious irony, isn't it? All this bad news coming to a head during the party's convention!

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