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Friday, November 28, 2008 

Harper Blinks! - Conservatives Back Down!

When Members of Parliament vote on Jim Flaherty's fiscal update package on Monday night, the $30 million component that provides funds to the political parties will NOT be included in the 'confidence' portion of the Motion.

Canadian Press

Drop them anyway, bring on the coalition.

Drop the government anyway. Bring on the coalition.

Oh noes! We're not going to
let them get off without a
few backhands and public

Time to be and become relentless
on Harper and gang and drive them
out of office haunted by their
infamous achievements and
inglorious vanities.

Get rid of the lot. NOW.


Let's remember there's more
political smarts in the shadow
cabinet than there is in all
of Harper's cabinet.

The teams are sitting on the wrong sides of the House.
of the House.

This was Harper's plan all along. His only problem is, the opposition doesn't want to play ball. He had hoped that if he introduced a do nothing plan and offered a poison pill (which he could pull back), he could bully the Liberals into being his bitch. It looks this time as if the bitch is biting back. I hope it happens. I really do.

Too bad few Canadians have been paying attention to the government's villainous fuckery. I suspect the Cons' public image wasn't hurt at all.

Partisan politics aside, I really don't see how the NDP can lose on this one. If they form a coalition, they will gain major power. If they don't, the Liberals in-front of them and the Greens in back will lose major funding, as where the NDP have a well proven history of financial support from their members.
Of course, Harper is cunning, to say the least, and I am sure he has thought everything out ten moves ahead.

Going a little further, I really don't see how the Liberals can possibly gain anything from this. If they form a coalition, with a Liberal PM, they will be expected to make the coalition work, and we all know the Bloc will make that impossible. If they let Jack Layton be PM they will be seen as weak. And if they don't go ahead with a coalition they will be viewed as spineless.
Really, what could the Liberals possibly get out of this fiasco?

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