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Monday, February 02, 2009 

Ignatieff - The New 'Trudeau'?

"... his ascendancy puts his country on the cusp of an unusual moment, in some ways a throwback to the era of the dashing Pierre Trudeau, another smart-set intellectual who served as prime minister. “He was brought in to reinvigorate the liberal brand, to go for the big game right away,” said Nelson Wiseman, a political scientist at the University of Toronto. “I think a lot of the party thought, ‘We need someone who has the intellectual gravitas of Pierre Trudeau.’ Like Trudeau, he came in as a fresh figure, but he also had a reputation abroad that Trudeau didn’t.”
New York Times

H/T to 1337hax0r

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

After traveling in the USA academic wilderness for 40 years, bringing with him some of that good old American emperialism, Iggy will be the light and the way - sure.
Nope, Iggy is now Harper's new backup boy. Priceless.

By strategically moving the Liberal Party of Canada, markedly to the Right, he has left many Libs in an uncomfortable position. We see the results of this in the blogosphere daily.

Other Liberals (specifically those who were already comfortable on the Right) are piping up with their new found comfort zone and are slamming other progressive political voices.

leftdog: Funny how that works, eh?

Yeah, like Trudeau would have supported the Harper-Ignatieff budget. Give me a break! He would have taken Harper's Pinata Budget and beat him over the head with it. PET would have also given Canadians what they so desperately need right now - clear-headed vision, the commodity that isn't to be found from Ignatieff or Harper.

I guess it's a little late to say "don't get me going"

Comparisons to Trudeau are laughable.

But this "positive" strikes me as ironically funny:

...but he also had a reputation abroad that Trudeau didn’t.

It's that reputation abroad that is part of his undoing. He had the pro-Iraq pre-emptive war and pro-Bush torture lite opinions so widely published on the international stage that we all know he is just Lieberman of the north.

This New York Times article is almost pure fluff with little about Ignatieff's ideas. He stands for a kind of imperialism justified in humanistic terms.
In practice so far Ignatieff is playing as Dion the sequel minus the Green Shift. While sitting on his hands again and passing the budget he delivers a lecture about placing theConservatives on probation.

I don't enjoy his countenance in media presentations, nor does the tone of his voice appeal to me. A C for media savvy.
I get the feeling that he speaks with a forked tongue. Not sure why, but those are my feelings. Facial gestures need analysis.
Lets hear from the body language analysts.
Can he play hockey?

Ok, granted I was only 15 when PET finally left politics, but I can't be the only person to remember 24% interest rates, 12% unemployment, 12% inflation and $40 billion deficits.

I just don't get the love affair with PET when he litteraly bankrupted the country and we are still paying for it. He was certainly no friend of the NDP, he insulted the NDP every chance he got and made them the butt of every joke. What the hell is the attraction???? The War Measures Act in Quebec???? What did PET do that you so love????

BTW, as a conservative, I kind of like Iggy...

Just so all of you right wing Libs are aware, my friend Trent is a regular poster at smalldeadanimals.

Trent is partially right about the inflation catastrophe that beset the Trudeau years. It's unfortunate that his grasp of what actually happened is so weak. This creates for him the standard avenue to claim it was Trudeau's doing when, in fact, the federal government was as much a victim as any other party.

That's why the Feds passed anti-inflation legislation backed by an Anti-Inflation Board reference to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In the meantime the Trudeau government was whipsawed by the unforseen effects of Truday's "co-operative federalism" and cost-sharing programmes with the provinces. His assumption was that the premiers would act prudently but, instead, some of them went fullbore Mardi Gras which contributed heavily to the federal deficits.

Trent also conveniently ignores the fact that Mulroney, in two brief terms, without any inflation crisis and with the added GST revenue, ran up more federeal debt than Trudeau did in 18-years.

It's always hilarious to see Tory amnesia in play.

No amnesia, Mulroney hasn't been a part of this thread until you brought him up. Those numbers I quoted were at the end of PET's reign and carried through the Turner stint into Mulroney. And yes, I know that Mulroney also ran deficits. It is interesting that you give Trudeau so many excuses yet you fail to acknowledge that with 24% interest rates 12% unemployment and 12% inflation it is extremely difficult to lower the deficit, is it not?
BTW, throughout history the Tories and NDP have cooperated far better than the NDP and Liberals. Medicare being the best example.

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