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Sunday, March 22, 2009 

Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Leadership Poll

The resignation of Lorne Calvert as leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party has triggered a campaign for leader that will conclude in June 2009. I am providing coverage of the race both here and on my dedicated 'Sask NDP Leadership Site'. (Please bookmark and drop in from time to time).

The ActUpInSask Website is conducting an informal poll on the current NDP Leadership race.

To date, 6049 people have cast a vote for their favourite candidate. This is NOT a scientific poll by any means, but the results are interesting none the less:

Dwain Lingenfelter 3653 (60.4%)
Yens Pederson 1824 (30.2%)
Ryan Meili 532 (8.8%)
Deb Higgins 22 (0.4%)
Don't care 18 (0.3%)

So Buckdog, who are you voting for?

I think what I will do is to continue to profile all 4 candidates for awhile yet. I do plan on telling you who I will vote for at some point before the convention!

The results are quite interesting if you were observing the poll at all. One day Dwain jumped thousands of votes ahead within a short period of time.

These polls are meaningless when people can just spend an hour or two voting over and over by deleting their cookie.

I have a lot of faith in Act up in Sask. I will contact them and ask if that occurred. They are reputable and will either verify or deny.

Well a jump in one day is not all the shocking. The jump I found interesting was the Meili jump from around 17 votes to around 500 within an hour and same for Pedersen going from 8 votes to around 600 in less than 30 minutes.

The poll was up for several days, with Lingenfelter in front, followed by Meili, with Higgins and Peterson well back.

Then in one day, Lingenfelter shot ahead.

The next day, Peterson went from a negligible showing into a strongish second.

Occam suggests the poll was freeped.

Pedersen was a strong second when Meili in an hour went from from around 19 to 500.

It is interesting note that the oldest candidate has the best new technology campaign.

Just a few hours ago Meili went from 532 to nearly 1,000....

I don't suggest that any one campaign is freep free. Well, except Higgins - whose campaign seems mostly energy free and content free as well.

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