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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 

Attempt At A 'Citizen's Arrest' Of Bush Gets Protester Arrested

Police arrested a protester today who attempted to make a 'citizens arrest' of former US President George Bush who was speaking to a group in Calgary, Alberta. The man was arrested for obstructing police officers in the course of their duty.

Bush was speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Press were excluded from the speech.

Nearly 500 loud protesters marched, booed and threw shoes at an effigy of George W. Bush outside the hall. Bush is expected to return to the United States this evening.

-3 arrested in Calgary as Bush event begins
-Protesters arrested outside Bush’s speech in Calgary

Slideshow .. Bush protesters in Calgary (Courtesy CBC)

The wrong man (or men) was arrested.

I still can't Bushes evil face and smile out of my mind. I caught a glimpse of him as he drove away in his limo... I couldn't hold back my emotions and did the only thing I could to show my frustration and ran after his limo giving him a friendly salute... and he gave his evil smile.

He has no shame in what he has done. He's proud of it. Makes me so angry! I need to rest now.

It just shows how twisted we are as a society, eh?

What a bunch of deluded, hypocritical flakes we are indeed ...


cbc linked article said this:
"He said if we were in his boots in 9/11, a short time after he got in, there was a big demand to do something, and he had to react and he reacted," said George Fink, CEO of Bonterra Oil and Gas."

And my reaction to oil guy who was providing "cover" to Bush's illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, was, **cough** gas pipeline, **cough** oil. Sure, it had all to do with "something" and nothing to do with OIL. Thank you oil guy for ignoring war crimes.

Further reaction to the excuse-making oil-company CEO: Yes, Bush had to 'do something.' But he didn't have to invade a country that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks.

Mr. Fink is aptly named, I guess.

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