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Wednesday, March 04, 2009 

Small 'c' Conservatives Will Meet To Navel Gaze - General Hillier Guest Speaker

Conservatives ensured that Canada became entrenched in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan and left corporate foxes in charge of the economic hen house. After two years of disastrous economic policy, small 'c' conservatives are going to meet over a $195 a plate dinner, to make Preston Manning just a little bit richer than he already is and to navel gaze on their failed and ridiculous ideology!

"OTTAWA — Rick Hillier, Canada's outspoken former chief of defence staff, will headline a conference next week in Ottawa where grassroots activists as well as Conservative members of Parliament will gather to discuss the state of conservatism in this country. Hillier is being billed as the star attraction for a $195-per-plate fundraising dinner on March 12 to toast a conference organized by the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, a think-tank founded by former Reform party leader Preston Manning. According to the centre's website, Hillier will speak about the "need to have properly trained and prepared political practitioners to better run our government, just as we need to have well-trained soldiers on the battlefield.""

And allow me to be bold and offer a resolution for the delegates to discuss:

MOVED: That this Assembly acknowledge that the reason for the Conservative Party of Canada's failure to secure a majority government (time after time after time) is 'Stephen Harper'.

... twitter? ...

Big problem though. Who do the Conservatives have to replace Harper?

Short of digging up Ralph Klein or wooing conservative Iggy into their camp; they would basically be up a creek without a paddle if Harper left. He more or less guaranteed that there is no solid big-C Conservative leader is this country during his leadership run.

Thinking as a Conservative (which I do to try and understand them from time to time), I cannot come up with anyone I think who would be a viable leader.

There is a quiet but visible rift in the Conservative Party at the moment. The 2 camps are made up of the old traditional 'Progressive Conservatives' (... the Peter McKay and Maritime version) AND the Reform Party faction, headed by Alberta MP's like Harper - Kenney - Day. It is they who currently control the federal Caucus and Party Office.

After Harper's gaffe with the funding formula, a lot of hostility that was previously unsaid, has now been articulated in party ranks.

Tories are famous for stabbing their leaders in the back. Harper has had 3 shots to form a majority government since he became the leader and it is obvious to most Conservatives that they are NOT going to achieve majority status with him as leader.

The next Tory leadership race will be very interesting. But I clearly believe that Harper is nearing his 'best before date' with Conservatives.

I find it a little bit disturbing that the Manning Centre is choosing to have military figures make prescriptions for civilian politics in this way. What does "properly trained and prepared" mean, anyways? Properly vetted and indoctrinated by conservative think tanks, perhaps?

I hope you're right about Harper's pending expiration date. I wouldn't be too disappointed if a red Tory faction were able to regain some influence.

In a sane world Ignatieff would run the tories. Of course he may be to right wing for them.

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