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Saturday, March 21, 2009 

Will Stephen Harper Give Your Tax Dollars To David Asper And CanWest ?

"The lobbyist registry shows that David Asper of CanWest and Pierre Karl Péladeau of Québecor twice met Harper for talks in Ottawa. Not the sort of news Harper wanted to see come out right now. Especially since CanWest has hired Harper’s old friend, lobbyist Ken Boessenkool, his old campaign organizer, the guy who spent election night on a sofa next to Harper.
West Island Chronicle

On March 19th, CanWest Global's, David Asper, wrote an op-ed in the National Post defending Stephen Harper's Science and Technology Minister. In it, Asper slammed the Liberals and accused the opposition of trying to suppress 'religious freedom' for questioning the scientific beliefs of Canada's Science & Tech Minister. I'm not sure of the dates, but I have to assume that Asper's two meetings with Prime Minister Harper happened in the days leading up to his supportive editorial.

Welcome to the unhealthy state of journalism in Canada under Stephen Harper's administrative watch. Canadians have to wonder if there isn't a little 'you scratch my back - I'll scratch yours' going on here.

The only thing that could make the current state of Canadian megamedia worse, would be for Mr. Harper to hand David Asper millions of your tax dollars. There is truth to the old adage, 'he who pays the piper, calls the tune.' Dance Mr. Asper, dance!!

-Ottawa Business Journal

Wait ... aren't the Aspers Liberal?

Just kidding. I mean, the family is Liberal, but I know the Cons and Libs are both parties of the business class. They agree more than they disagree.

Changing the subject ... any thoughts on Robin Sears (once an NDP operative, methinks) being a mouthpiece for Brian Mulroney? Does this amount to the erstwhile social democrat saying "The working class can kiss my ass"?

Given the things the Aspers have said about the CBC and its public funding over the years, it would be ironic indeed to see them get some taxpayers' money to stay afloat.

While it's quite possible that this could happen, I think it would be a desperate move that could backfire badly. If it goes through, the results will probably be disastrous in terms of democracy. We already have one of the most centralized, corporate-controlled media industries in the world. Drawing the media into politics with subsidies to select corporations would make the situation far worse.

Harper had better not try any type of bailout to Peladeau or Asper and their respective companies--particularly in view of PMSH's treatment of the CBC.

Any move to bail those two out would greatly damage Harper's credibility--again.

Please answer this question:

Why does the "smartest man in the room" keep painting himself into corners?

Given the recent Nanos numbers out today, I'd say Harper had better smarten up very quickly or he will have a long hot summer and will be the one being grilled on the summer barbeque circuit.

I am sure Asper's op-ed in the National Post is just a mere coincidence... ha, ha, ha, ... as if!

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