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Sunday, April 05, 2009 

Federal Conservatives Fighting In The Caucus Room ... (just like I said they were)!

Even die hard Conservatives are starting to realize what some of us have been saying all along .... Stephen Harper needs to be taken down a notch or two by his Caucus!

OTTAWA — The Conservatives' iron-clad discipline suffered several cracks last week as party members bickered behind closed doors over Brian Mulroney — the former prime minister who divides them still. MPs and senators feuded privately over the Harper government's treatment of the former leader. Some are now going public.

Sources in the Conservative caucus have told The Canadian Press that their meeting last Wednesday was pocked with bitter exchanges about the man who delivered the last Tory majority government. Several MPs pointedly criticized the way Mulroney was being treated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's staff.

A cabinet minister was heckled when she attempted to explain the PMO version of events to Mulroney's defenders. One outraged Mulroney supporter strode into the caucus room and straight to the podium to address fellow Conservatives after consulting with the former PM by phone.

By the end of the altercation, the Conservative House leader glumly buried his face in his hands. “It was an uncomfortable thing to see the family fight,” said one Conservative member of caucus.

“We've had it out before from time to time — over issues, like same-sex marriage, like the gun registry. But it's never personal. It's usually very collegial. “It's strange to see us have that type of discussion."

The Globe & Mail

April 6th - The Star has more ....

Wonder who leaked this. It's about time some of these Cons started speaking out. And I'm sure those who are upset by the way Mulroney is being treated are all former PC's not Reform/Alliance.

Hope we see more division in this Party as these MP's eyes finally become more open.

Hi penlan. Things must be bad indeed internally for the Conservatives for this fight to spill out into public view.

It was inevitable though because of the way that Harper and his staff operate. They get their way by bullying tactics, not by diplomacy or inclusion. Eventually, the wheels fall off the wagon when your only means of holding power is by threat and intimidation. The Reformers in that Caucus have had their way for far too long, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

Harper is done.

Did anyone notice that Harper was out of the country when all this happened?

He's like that. He's always there to make major announcements and eclipse the relevant minister who should have made that announcement.

When it comes to bad news, someone else delivers it and Harper is nowhere to be seen.

Is that a sign of cowardice or what? When will he "man up" and do the right thing and admit his mistakes? Probably never, because he probably God anointed him to be a faultless leader--like Bush 2.

God did no such thing and She ought to slap him silly and make him come to his senses before his own party rises up and moves out like they did during Stockwell Day's tenure.

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