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Wednesday, April 08, 2009 

The Myth of the 'Fiscal Conservatives'

I am laughing at those smug types (from both the Conservative Party and the right wing fringes of the Liberal Party) who label themselves as 'fiscal conservatives'. Yeah right! Fiscal conservatives.

"EDMONTON — Alberta expects to post a $4.7-billion deficit this year — the largest in provincial history — as the former darling of the Canadian economy sinks into the red over four consecutive years."
Globe & Mail

"TORONTO - Finance Minister Dwight Duncan delivered a budget in the middle of one of the worst economic downturns that Ontario has seen. The highlights are below - 2009 Ontario Budget:
•Total deficit of $56.8-billion over seven years - including $3.9-billion for fiscal 2008-09, $14.1-billion in 2009-10, $12.2-billion in 2010-11, $9.7-billion in 2011-12, $8-billion 2012-13, $5.8-billion in 2013-14, $3.1-billion in 2014-15. •Balanced budget projected for 2015-16. "

National Post

"OTTAWA - The hits kept coming in the final document, that proposes a budget with its total expenses running some $258.6-billion, including a $33.7-billion deficit. What’s that deficit made of?
National Post

No one yells louder about the evils of 'socialism' or the perils of the 'New Democrats' than these so called 'fiscal conservatives.' If you listen to them, the world would go to hell in a handbag IF the worst should happen, and 'New Democrats EVER get their hands on the public purse.'

I have heard it all over the years.

What these same 'fiscal conservatives' will NOT tell you is how an NDP government in Saskatchewan balanced 14 provincial budgets IN A ROW! Oh no, they are far to busy pointing their fingers at Bob Rae's administration in Ontario ... which according to 'fiscal conservatives' is the bench mark of New Democrat fiscal prudence. They don't tell you which party Bob Rae actually belongs to ... nor the fact that he should have been a Liberal all along.

No, you won't hear any of that from 'fiscal conservatives'. In fact, because of the reality of what is happening in the nation, you aren't hearing very much from them at all.

The truth about 'fiscal conservatives' ....

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