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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 

Mulroney's Membership Conflict Causes Some Conservative MP's To Challenge 'Reformers' Control Of The Party

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ordered members of his government not to have any dealings with him."
Ottawa Sun

OTTAWA - A number of Conservative MPs are springing to Brian Mulroney's defence today, saying the former prime minister is still a member of their party.

On Tuesday, senior party sources told reporters that Mulroney was no longer a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. But Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Revenue Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn say there must be a mistake because Mulroney will be a member for life. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of his team have been trying to distance themselves from Mulroney over the past two years.CNews

Here is the key to this story. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney asked the Conservative Party to remove his name from their phone contact and fundraising lists. The crew that runs the party (the PMO) interpreted this as including the membership list.

"Senior Conservatives contacted select reporters Tuesday to tell them Mulroney had effectively torn up his party card. "I can confirm he is no longer a member," said one Conservative source. The source said Mulroney called a senior party official two months ago to ask that his name be pulled off all party lists and materials and that communications with him cease."

The key word in the above quote from 'senior conservatives' is the word EFFECTIVELY.

The traditional old style 'Tories' in the Conservative Party are not in control. Harper's Alberta gang (Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day, Rob Anders, Pierre Poilievre, etc) have completely hijacked the policies, communications and control of the party. They want distance between Mr. Mulroney and themselves for obvious regional political reasons.

We will see if the Mulroney membership conflict finally brings the issue of who controls the Conservative Party to the surface.

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