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Monday, April 13, 2009 

Preston Manning - Still Trying To KILL Publicly Funded Health Care In Canada!

There is a reason that Preston Manning was never elected prime minister of Canada with a Reform Party government. His hard right wing ideology was just too extreme for Canadian tastes. The only way that the Reform Party was able to 'form' government was to change their name to the Canadian Alliance Party and ultimately outwit Peter MacKay to forge a corporate take over of the old Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Since that time, Preston Manning has been sniping from the sidelines, spewing his right wing ideology ad nauseam into the Canadian political area.

He is at it again:
"The answer for Canada lies in finally biting the bullet and doing what most of the world's other industrialized countries (with the exception of the U.S.) have done, and that is establish a well-balanced two-track health-care system, providing for both public and private health-care insurance, delivery and financing."
Preston Manning

Preston Manning HATES Medicare! He is one of those far right advocates of an 'unfettered free market' .. you know, the same folks who have brought the world to economic collapse with their drive for a completely unregulated corporate environment. No matter how he phrases it, ultimately, Preston Manning wants Canada to have the same private insurance format that is failing Americans in the USA!

Preston has been after this goal for a long time. In an article published in the Winnipeg Free Press, in 2004, Frances Russel wrote:
"Earlier this month, the (Frsaser) institute held its 30th anniversary dinner attended by luminaries of the Canadian Right like Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, former Reform Leader Preston Manning and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris. Founder and president Michael Walker mapped out an ambitious plan for the future. Having won the battles against universality, deficits and debt, Mr. Walker said the institute will be turning its sights on privatising health and education. With millions of dollars in its coffers donated annually by the Who's Who of business, get ready for more Fraser, more of the time" (Wpg Free Press - 29/10/04)

Canadians have rejected direct overtures from Preston Manning to kill Canada's publicly funded health care in the past. We should not listen to him (nor his successor) now.

Manning is getting quite an 'ass kicking' in the comments section of his article.

Manning explicitly states in the quotation that you have included that he isn't looking to Americanize our health care system.

What does that "with the exception of the US" statement mean to you? How do you draw the conclusion that "Preston Manning wants Canada to have the same private insurance format that is failing Americans in the USA"?

I am having trouble following your logic.

My gawd you are naive to believe that! Manning wants to get his foot in the door, infuse SOME public element into our system for now ... with more later!

-He HATES the public system!
-He KNOWS Canadians want to keep it!
-He therefore wants to ERODE the public system as much as possible!

Instead of medicare, perhaps Manning wants Canadians to have mediocre.

I can only guess Manning's line for the healthcare system: Canadians can individually chooooose if they want to contribute to a publicly funded medicare system or opt for privately funded alternatives. It's almost like trying to give public funding to privately run relgious (faith based) schools in Ontario. The public would have subsidized private education; the public should not be suckered into providing extra funds to private health care.


Like I said in the post, the capitalist alchemy that Manning, Harper and company are still postulating has been completely discredited by the world's economic collapse.

An unrestricted free-market, is an invitation to corporate greed and corruption. They are loyal only to themselves.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, Liepert and Stelmach are doing just what you fear Manning wants to do.

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