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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 

Green Party Of Alberta Deregistered by Elections Alberta

Apparently, too much infighting and dispute has seen the Alberta Green Party go under, at least for now.

As a social democrat, I'd like to see more social democracy in Green platforms and less fighting with the New Democrats. However, there are far too many right wing thinkers who have attached themselves to the Greens and I don't feel comfortable with that. Example: In the last Ontario provincial election, tons of disgruntled Conservatives parked their votes with the Ontario Green Party because they felt comfortable with that choice. That kind of political cohabitation makes me very nervous. I am far more comfortable with the social democratic Green parties that exist in Europe.

Another example; Green Leader, Elizabeth May's work as a lawyer advising Mulroney's Environment Minister, Tom McMillan, makes me nervous, except for the fact that she resigned in 1988 after the Conservatives approval of the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan without any environmental assessments. To date, Canada's Greens leave many social democrats very confused about who they are as a result of their mixed up support demographics and history.

Anyway, down goes the Alberta Greens!


And it like

The Greens were taken down because the clique who took over forcefully (threatening the leader with a lawsuit less than 24 hours after the disputed AGM) were either incompetent or intent on deregistering the party. What had been built over 20 years was destroyed in essentially 2 months (the first of three clique leaders quit in February and they only got their claws into the party in late December).

- David Crowe. Former CFO

"Green Leader, Elizabeth May's work as a lawyer advising Mulroney's Environment Minister, Tom McMillan, makes me nervous,"
Any documentation ,that she ever passed the bar,law degree,especially culturally shortened one,does not in any way equal being a LAWYER no matter how Liz's Paul Bunyan like legend grows.

Oh ---janfromthebruce I'd appreciate email if you like.I'm working on a new Blog/ shadow group to attempt to keep the NDP true to it's roots.
That goes for anyone else interested.

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