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Thursday, August 27, 2009 

Conservative Senate Appointments Looming

Harper Names Nine New Tory Porkers To Senate

"OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing to reward some of his longest-serving and most loyal political operatives with Senate appointments that could come as early as this week, Canwest News Service has learned. [...]

Harper's advisers want the news out within the next 10 days, before the Labour Day weekend, while voter attention to politics is less intense than it would be this fall. Harper is sure to come under fire — perhaps even by critics in his own party — for engaging in the same kind of patronage politics that drew harsh criticism from him and other Conservatives when previous Liberal governments did it.

But Conservatives are bracing themselves for a few days of rocky headlines with talking points that include telling reporters that if Senator David Smith, who was former prime minister Jean Chretien's campaign mastermind, deserves a Senate seat, so too does Finley for playing the same role for Harper in his election campaigns. Finley, who was employed by Conservative party and not by the PMO, was and will remain the party's campaign manager."


And just for the record, to all Liberal bloggers who are whining about Harper's Senate appointments, here is a photo of the most recent 'Liberal Party appointments' to the Senate when you were last in government.

Canada's Appointed - Unelected - Undemocratic Senate - Abolish It!!!

He disdains the Senate so he puts his lackeys and cronies in there, thereby further cheapening it.

There's even a minister's husband in the lot [Finley].

Eight in one fell swoop. Looks rather like a job lot.

Buckdog, all most of the Liberals bloggers are doing is pointing out that Harper campaigned that he would be different about how he handled the Senate,(with all those wonderful quotes of his on the matter) and he has shown himself to be a "Harpocrite" in that regard.

That's where the line of attack is coming from - not that he is actually doing the appointments, but his actions don't match his words.

But yet Scott you are criticising Harper for doing what your own Party does all the time when in office! The difference between what Libs practice and what Tories practice when it comes to the Senate is microscopic. Both your party and Harper's party deserve the contempt of the nation for continuing this sham. The Senate is NOT a democratic institution and Canada therefore is not fully democratic either. Liberals seem to be quite satisfied with that.

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