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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 

Progressive American Bloggers Speaking Out On Public Health Care

Here are a few posts from some of my favorite (and lesser known) progressive American bloggers:

(From The Field Negro:)

Marked for Death
"If there is a dumber person in A-merry-ca than Sarah Palin I would like to meet him/her."

Only some of us A-merry-cans deserve to have good health.
"Black Americans still get far fewer operations, tests, medications and other life-saving treatments than whites, despite years of efforts to erase racial disparities in health care and help African Americans live equally long and healthy lives, according to three major studies being published today.

(From Morning Martini:)

It’s time for them to STFU!
"I really do care about the healthcare reform bill that is floating around in Congress, and here comes the but, but I am so very tired of hearing Republicans and especially blue dog Democrats telling us how harmful and dangerous it’s going to be. Ninety nine percent of what they are saying is lie after lie and we know they know it."

(From Pissed on Politics:)

80 Million Commie Pinkos
"There are 80 million people in this country that have "government run" healthcare. 80 million commie pinkos. 80 million people with socialized medicine. A portion of those protesting "socialized medicine" actually have government run healthcare."

They Don't Want Answers
"I keep seeing Republican and Conservative strategists on TV saying that these thugs attending town hall meetings just want answers to simple questions. They say they are just directing the thugs to ask some basic questions. They say they just want some answers that's all. There's no harm in asking questions right? Except they don't want answers. They want to shout, intimidate, and disrupt. I've seen tons of footage of these astroturf conservative thug rallies and they hardly ever let the Congress person answer their questions. If an answer is given they call the Congress person a liar and let out loud groans."

This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under Obama family health care plan?

If Americans could get health care for the 40 million who are without coverage, that would be a good enough start.

But beyond the 15% of Americans who are uninsured, a further 21% of Americans are insured but not enough to cover their NEEDED treatment.

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