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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 

Justin Trudeau Claims That In Reality Ignatieff Does NOT Want An Election

It's Prime Minister Stephen Harper who wants an election, and not Michael Ignatieff says Liberal MP, Justin Trudeau.

“My suspicion is it (election) will be before Christmas,” Trudeau said later in an interview. And he said it is Prime Minister Stephen Harper who wants an election, and not his party leader, Michael Ignatieff.
The Record - Kitchener Waterloo

Finally ... an honest Liberal.

MEANWHILE .... Iffy slaps a gag order on his MP's about Coderre and Quebec ...

Progressive Bloggers

He's right you know. Whether he knows it or not, Iggy doesn't have it.

I guess Iggy is just "fooling around".
What a waste of time: there are real people in Canada hurting and Iggy's and the libs main thing is all about them. No wonder Canadians are turned off.

I am a Liberal and I do not want to give
Harper the priviledge of an election..he is dangerous.

I wish some of the Liberal bloggers were saying like you are Lizt. Lately they have been so full of false bravado ... it's scary.

It seems to mer there were a great many times the NDP voted against the government and not everything was bad. They could do it,only as long as the Liberals supported the government.

The whole point is not to have a Harper majority, right? So we work together or nothing, cuz they got the numbers, we don't. It's as easy as pie, except for the Egos. Stop it already, please. Why does simple have to be so complicated?

Toe .. not much disagreement from me. But you need to tell the Liberal head office and the Lib bloggers that daily attacks on Layton is not the solution!

Well I've done better, DON'T Fuck with me period, or you shooting fish in a barrel. AS if eh? Let's have some fun at least. Sheesh.

Didn't Iggy table a confidence vote on Monday? And isn't the HOC voting on it today?

Justin Trudeau only coming out now with something the whole world already knew? Now that he has admitted this, I'm wondering if he didn't make a mistake? After all, now that the world may know the Liberals don't want an election; I'm wondering if Harpercons will now pull something funny to get an excuse to call one?

I have always said that it was high time the N.D.P. & the Liberals think about merging. Numbers would surely be better.
Layton has less to lose than Iggy simply because the N.D.P. (as much as I would like that) will never be the ruling party, hence another reason to merge. People can make fun of Jack for voting or not voting with Harpercons, but in the end, I read somewhere that if Jack were to stop supporting the Harpercons, the Liberals would still be blamed for triggering an election.

If you think Mr Harper is 'dangerous' what will we get with Iggy and crew ?
The liberals are without any leadership and without any credibility.

Toe sand left dog...good grief, what a bunch of whining, gullible little babies. harper...dangerous??? I'd suggest getting an education about harper and what he's doing instead of believing without question what your lib rags and pundits tell you to believe. It's hard to imagine how naive and ignorant some lefties are. OOOHH...he's SOOOO scary!

This blog's declaration that right of center opinions won't be tolerated is the perfect statement to again prove how intolerant the oh-so tolerant left is. NOT!

I will not bother to attempt to comment here since it would be an adult trying to reason with children.

How long before this is deleted? Or can you take even a bit of criticism?

It's very hard being the leader of the opposition whatever the party. But Ignatieff has to tell us with much more passion (to me he seems distant and bored)why he wants the job.

There are so many important reasons to get rid of Harper. Wake up Michael. later might be too late.

Hello birdy ... obviously you are NOT familiar with some of the lawsuits that blogs like Free Dominion have been dealing with as a result of libelous 3rd party comments made on blogs. I don't want to have to pay legal bills to fight lawsuits if you or someone else says something actionable on my site. I already had a federal political party threaten to sue me and I can't afford lawyers, so pull in your horns and go pour another cup of morning coffee. Sheeesh.

From my side of the border, Harper appears to be GW Bush, Jr.

CK, if the Liberals should merge with anybody, it should be the Conservatives. It's not like they actually disagree on much.

Of course, I'm one of those odd ducks who judge the Liberals on their reactionary record rather than their progressive rhetoric.

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