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Friday, September 18, 2009 

Liberal Lemmings

I am not a Liberal. Thank God. I, however, do have a few extended family members who are Liberal supporters, but I love them anyway. We all have times when we must put up with stupidity from family members simply because they are family.

I am also a member of 'Progressive Bloggers'. It is a wonderful blog aggregator, probably the best political aggregator in Canada. I share space with other New Democratic bloggers, with a few Green bloggers and with a swack of Liberal bloggers.

Over the last couple of weeks, the non-Liberal prog bloggers have been watching our Liberal colleagues, running around like demented chickens anxious to lose their political heads. "Call an election!" ... "Call an election!"

This seemed like mere posturing because, poll after poll, Liberal numbers have been tanking and running well behind the Conservatives. Liberals certainly are NOT poised to improve their seat numbers in the House of Commons if an election were held now, and yet, they are demanding an election.

At first I assumed that it was mere political bravado ... "bring it on dude!" ... "let's go"! In the world of politics, such phony posturing is quite normal and acceptable. But something is different about Liberal calls for an election this time around. These guys actually WANT an election and believe that they will win government. Regardless of the polling numbers, regardless of the absolute lack of public agreement for an election at this time, Liberals are blind to reality and sincerely want to go to the voters.

It is almost as if a 'lemming' mindset has grabbed hold of them.

These normally conscious, articulate, intelligent Lib bloggers seem to have thrown common sense and political awareness out the window in exchange for a one shot electoral throw of the dice that could very likely see Stephen Harper finally win a Majority government.

What's up with that? ..... I think I know.

Liberals are not used to being in Opposition. It is not a role and position that they are comfortable or familiar with. Historically, we are well aware of the fact that Liberal governments have dominated this nation throughout the 20th Century.

But at the moment, Liberals are being asked by the nation to wear the Opposition role, and Liberals simply will not accept the role that our democracy has assigned them. Too bloody bad. Deal with it.

And smarten up .......

The people of Canada, collectively, are smarter than the Liberal camp. You cannot win a government at the moment, and you risk giving Canadians what they have rejected two elections in a row .... a Stephen Harper Majority.

Progressive Bloggers

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