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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 

Liberal Staffers Are Always The Best Dressed Protesters That Money Can Buy!!

"The rain finally left Ottawa sparkling, the humidity evaporate - one could say that the air around Parliament had cleared. There was Jack Layton walking up Parliament Hill to meet with Stephen Harper, and behind him stood scores, at least three, Liberals all dressed in their golf shirts and Mexx suits and red blouses with signs of encouragement. Of course the media got it all wrong (don't they always?), and reported that these were protesters, but have you ever seen such a finely tailored group of protesters?"
The Wheatsheaf

-Liberal Astroturf - Northwestern Lad

I'm sure those lib staff [cough] protesters could find something more worthy to protest.
I'm sure their are many poverty groups needing help, as the gap between rich and poor widens due to neoliberal orthodoxy supported by both liberals and conservatives.
Progressive they are not - just great pretenders.

Hi Jan! If you want a really good laugh, this Lib has actually taken one of the staged 'protest' photos and embeded it onto his sidebar (about half way down) ;)

Ha! Love it.

As if the 10 to 3:30 Liberal staff hadn't taken enough bad press lately: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/welcome-to-parliament-high/article1252979/

Now sun-setting strategist Warren Kinsella breezes into town and makes them look so much worse.

wow leftdog

this is like a month old

Layton emerged from that meeting saying the NDP would be the least likely party to support Harper and despite the fact that these Liberals were correct in assuming a coalition would be struck, you focus on how they are dressed?

come on, youre smarter than this


Hey Anthony. It may be a month old but since Far & Wide (a well known Libblogger) decided to grace his sidebar with that pic, don't you think that a bit of background and perspective is only fair and balanced?

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