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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 

Perrins Report Tells Sask Party Govt To Look At ALL Energy Options - Not Just Nuclear - Chaos In Sask Party Ranks

Dan Perrins was commissioned by Premier Brad Wall's government to conduct an abbreviated schedule of public consultation and to then prepare a report concerning the viability of constructing a nuclear power reactor for Saskatchewan.

The 'public consultation' process was widely criticised because nuclear power generation was the only option presented. Voices that advocated for wind or solar power generation were dismissed outright.

However, what is this.... ? The Perrins Report was released this morning with the following key recommendation:

“The overwhelming response to this public consultation was that nuclear power generation should not be a choice for Saskatchewan, whether it is intended to serve the needs of Saskatchewan people only or for a combination of Saskatchewan people and other provinces and states.”[...]

“I recommend the Government of Saskatchewan develop a consolidated report on all power generation options and make this report available to the public.”
Recommendation #1,

Clearly, this was NOT the result that Premier Brad Wall's Office wanted to hear. In fact, this mornings 'Right' leaning radio talk show, (featuring Rush Limbaugh wannabe, John Gormley) came out swinging at New Democratic Party leader, Dwain Lingenfelter in order to avoid the findings of the Perrins Report! It seems that the Saskatchewan Party brain trust has decided that the best political strategy is to just ignore the Perrins Report and to go on the attack against Lingenfelter.

This panicky knee jerk reaction by the Sask Party is obvious. There is going to be anger in the ranks of the Right Wing Saskatchewan Party who are determined to bring nuclear power to the province. Having done everything possible to try and sway the public hearings towards the nuclear option, Wall Inc. are going to have a hard time pacifying their own ranks and their comrades in the nuclear industry!

-No Case For Nuclear Power - Lingenfelter
-Sask Residents Fear Nuclear Power - Perrins Report
-CBC Saskatchewan has more .....

Glad to see the NDP were on the right page from the very start. All options need to be looked at.

Hi Dawg. Sounds like the Perrins Report is right-on! I wouldn't want to work in the laundry with the right-wing underwear contract today!

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