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Wednesday, September 09, 2009 

Sask. Party Government Has Rejected All Other Options For Future Energy Needs In Favour Of Nuclear Power Generation

It is becoming very clear that in spite of what they say publicly, Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party government have rejected all other possible alternate energy options in favour of nuclear power generation for the province's future energy needs.

The New Democratic Opposition has insisted that alternate energy sources should be given equal study. Saskatchewan has abundant solar and wind potential that the Wall government is not giving any serious consideration to.

"...the Wall government has no intention of examining green energy options or conducting legitimate public consultations regarding the energy future of Saskatchewan.
Trent Wotherspoon
NDP Finance Critic

"The Wall government took a full year and spent well over $3 million to study one controversial energy option - nuclear,” Wotherspoon said. “Surely common sense would dictate that more time and input should be allowed to examine a variety of alternative energy sources than the Sask Party currently has in mind.”

The all-party committee was announced last spring after the NDP proposed the formation of an Energy Development Partnership (EDP) to examine a variety of energy options and conservation programs, not simply the nuclear discussion the Sask Party had initiated. While the formation of the EDP was rejected, the Wall government agreed to conduct public hearings and hear from various experts in alternative energy fields. Wotherspoon is concerned the Sask Party is backing away from the spirit in which the committee was formed.

“We agreed to reach across the floor of the legislature and work together as MLAs to examine the best and most cost-effective energy options for our future,” Wotherspoon said. “However, the tactics of the Wall government have made it almost impossible to conduct these hearings in any reasonable or productive way.”

New Democratic Opposition

Progressive Bloggers

Whooee! Remember... nuke projects are mega projects. Mega projects involve billion$ and as we learned in the Mulroney-Schreiber exposé, billion dollar projects involve big commissions and not all of those commissions are above board.

When a politician opts for the most expensive choice and refuses to consider alternatives, the question needs to be asked, "What's in it for them?"

We dodged a bullet here in Nanticoke. Bruce turned tail. Our mayor was actin' a lot like yer Wall -- biggest booster on the block, despite strong public opposition. After seein' the Bruce CEO out on the golf course hobnobbin' with the mayor, a few people were privately pointin' fingers and askin' pointed questions.

Renewable energy projects are typically smaller and spread out over many smaller (often local) companies. The big buck$ and big commissions just aren't there.

Yer Premier and Bruce should be put on notice that you're gonna throw up as many roadblocks as you possibly can. All over the world, nuke projects are being shelved on accounta the costs are massively higher than initial estimates. Darlington went from a $7 Bn estimate to a $26 Bn AECL bid. Nanticoke went from a $7 Bn estimate in November 2008 to a $10-$15 Bn estimate in April 2009 (Bruce's own figures).

In Nanticoke, Bruce was lookin' fer private investors. Ha! Who (but a dumbass gummint) would invest in something where the price doubles in 4 months before the approval process has even gotten underway? Even the Ontario gummint balked at the price for Darlington and we've got about 10x the taxpayers as Sasky.


I claim no local expertise there whatsoever, but if this were in the US, I'd say that the nuclear lobby. is financing Wall's campaign.

I notice you don't quote Lingenfelter, who is fully in favour of nuclear development. Nor do you point out that the SP has actually had a public consultation process. Calvert never even made it public that he was looking at sites for nuclear power.

"..Lingenfelter, who is fully in favour of nuclear development..."
1) Cite your source for this comment. Give me the quote that backs up your statement.

"Calvert never even made it public that he was looking at sites for nuclear power."
2)Cite your source for this comment. Give me the quote that backs up your statement.

"Nor do you point out that the SP has actually had a public consultation process"
3)Likely because the Sask Party's
'process' has been an abbreviated sham with presentations ONLY on the the nuclear option."

I will help you out with your contention:

"I make these points to emphasize that neither I nor the New Democratic Party enter the debate about our energy future with a closed mind toward nuclear power or any other potential energy source. It is clear to me that Saskatchewan will need a renewed commitment to energy conservation and a mix of both renewable and conventional energy sources to meet our energy needs in the immediate future. Even the European Union, whose member countries are global leaders in the area of renewable energy, envision producing only 20% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020. Therefore, while renewable energy options such as solar, wind, geo-thermal, and biomass are an important part of Saskatchewan’s future energy plans, some conventional generation of electricity will remain necessary for the foreseeable future.

However, I do not support the construction of a nuclear reactor to generate power within Saskatchewan’s borders unless a public, transparent study has been conducted by a blue ribbon panel of independent experts, showing the people of Saskatchewan that such a project could be sustainable, from both the financial and environmental perspective. This blue ribbon panel would hold public hearings around the province so that every citizen could have their say on the future of electrical generation in Saskatchewan. The panel would explore the costs and benefits of nuclear power compared to both renewable energy options and conventional electrical generation sources such as coal, natural gas and hydro. The energy options we choose for the next twenty years will impact everything from our provincial finances to our economic growth, from our population’s health to our quality of life. These decisions cannot be made without full, public input and understanding.

The Wall government has refused to let the people of Saskatchewan help plan their own energy future. It has stumbled and bumbled into a flawed process that clearly favours a single new energy source, provided by a single, private sector player, while freezing out the people of Saskatchewan.

Dwain Lingenfelter
March, 2009

For you to equate this position with the 'fast track towards nuke' agenda that Wall is employing .. then you are merely trolling.

"Lingenfelter said he would launch a major policy review in the fall and while he personally supported nuclear power it will be a party decision on how to move forward on the issue."

June 9 Star Phoenix.

Good to see the NDP are going to be looking at all potential energy sources.

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