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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 

Conservative Party Logo NOW Appearing On Government Of Canada Cheques!

Progressive Bloggers

NDP questions appearance of Tory logo on federal infrastructure cheque!

HALIFAX (CP) — NDP MP Peter Stoffer says he’s going to ask the federal ethics commissioner to investigate the placing of a prominent Conservative party logo on a large ceremonial cheque for $300,000 in federal infrastructure funding.
“In my view, I think they’ve broken every rule in the book in this regard,” Stoffer told the CBC on Tuesday.
The federal funding for a rink upgrade in Chester, N.S., was made last month by Nova Scotia Tory MP Gerald Keddy.
A picture of the presentation published in a local newspaper showed Keddy wielding the large cheque with a large Tory logo in the corner instead of the usual one for the Government of Canada.

Cape Breton Post

-Nova Scotia’s three Federal Conservative ridings getting more stimulus cash than the other eight put together! Halifax Chronicle Herald

-This is ridiculous!Winnipeg Free Press

Prime Minister's Office downplays MP's actions ... but calls behaviour ... 'inappropriate'!

The question needs to be asked: did the conservative party of Canada fund this rink or the govt of Canada?
Falsifying a cheque is a crime, don't those cons know?

Agreed Jan. Also, the lengthy delays in processing the applications signaled to me that the Harper Conservatives were screwing around to make sure that their Ridings get the bulk of the money. I wasn't wrong on that speculation either. Check the Chronicle Herald story from Halifax.

Oh sh*t, enough is enough.

What next - the Con. logo on body bags?

Con logo all Election Canada displays? Even on the tiny little pencil we vote with?

The C's in CBC will be the official Con logo.

Oh, I know... They will place their logo on our money!

Sassy, they won't place their logo on body bags. They will instead place the Liberal logo there.

Right you are Mark.

How come this never appears on TV? Harper is, using our money to advertize the Cons, getting away with it. I know that Martha Hall Findlay, and Gerald Kennedy have found a great deal out..how do we get it to the public?

All we can do is blog, blog, blog it and hope that by word of mouth, it gets out there.

Earlier today, I posted a story concerning 77 nations walking out on Canada's speech to the Kyoto meetings in Asia. Not one Television network carried the story. When we walked out on Iran at the UN (which we should have done) the networks carried it far and wide. But the prospect of showing Harper's Canada in a negative light (even from CBC) ... not so much.

The word is not getting out. The voters in this country have succumbed to US style politics and US style corruption. The game have changed everybody and there is no going back. Furthermore, it seems that many voters have bought the change hook line and sinker. You can look forward to not only a couple of decades of Tory rule (like Lord Liverpool in the early 19th century in England) but in the process the Tories are going to push the general agenda so far up the A** of corporate Canada that the country will never be the same. I guess Goering was right -- if you lie often enough it becomes the truth. Enjoy the ride people.

This was on CBC The National last night... at the very end of the broadcast. Peter Stoffer was interviewed and they also interviewed Keddy himself. Keddy blamed his staff and said he had nothing to do with it...

FIrst off, the Conservative C on that cheque is so wrong on so many levels. How stupid is this guy for doing this? I can't believe that too many people are aware of what that MP was doing; either he would have been stopped or we would have cheques like this turning up all over the country.
Secondly, it turns out the reserve that was so upset over the body bags had actually ordered them. That never hit the TV, either, but look it up.
Thirdly, you can't possibly say that the CBC is anything but absolutely hostile to the CPC! I listen to CBC Radio about 3-4 hours a day and I have never heard them go easy on a Conservative, which is a good thing, or hard on a NDP or Liberal, which is a very bad thing. The CBC should be going hard on all politicians; it's time they start acting like a watch dog instead of a socialist lap dog.

This certainly appears dubious at best. I do not know your laws, but here in the US it's a crime to use federal resources for partisan ends.

It's a pity - and a truism - that we get back what we put out. So many hatchets sharpened on any and all pretexts, ready to stab, tear and shred.

It would be great to see a public which accepts the dirty business of politicking for what it is, and which realizes that we vote in ALL of our representatives. That is, we put in to office those who reflect what *we* would do.

What that says to me is that hypocrisy is as much a part of the public's will as it is a politician's tool. The Liberal's scandal-ridden years are balanced by those we now see from the Conservatives: so far, only the dollar amounts have changed.

In short, why bother complaining about partisanship and politicking, when it's been done before by those that we might have voted for? If we want change in politics, we must change ourselves first, and then vote for those who have shown that they won't be hypocritical once in office. And *that*, my friends, depend on the available candidates that WE allow to run.

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