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Thursday, October 08, 2009 

Kady O'Malley Looks At The Poll Numbers ... Ouch!

"Hey Liberals! Aren’t you glad you weren’t actually able to bring down the government last week? And Tories — oh, come on, admit it: that ‘nobody wants another election’ talking point has to be starting to stick in your craw right about now. Not only are you firmly planted in just-possibly-depending-how-the-splits-go majority territory, but the Liberals have managed to drop below their 2008 election day support, which up until now was widely thought to be the absolute floor.

So, if you were sitting around the OLO conference room, trying to avoid making eye contact with Ian Davey and wondering if there’s any precedent for senior strategists crossing the floor, what part of today’s EKOS report would you find the most worrying — other than, you know, the numbers?

Here’s a suggestion: for the first time in more than two years, you’re not only trailing the Conservatives in Quebec — yes, it took a while to work through the system, but that much anticipated plunge finally seems to have happened — but in Atlantic Canada as well. Atlantic Canada! That was your one remaining beachhead of stubborn support!

Really, how on earth can you possibly have managed to alienate Canadians so consistently from coast to coast to coast? It’s actually kind of staggering when you think about it, although I’m sure that any number of commenters will be along to explain, in excruciating detail, exactly what has gone so terribly, horribly wrong. (The various leaders’ approval numbers, which are also included in today’s findings, should provide ample fodder for that particular debate.)"

Kady O'Malley

Progressive Bloggers

Those Dipper numbers are looking pretty good too, eh!

Michael Ignatieff implodes and Jack goes, nowhere. Interesting.

Does that make you feel better Mr. Liberal?? Because I understand the concept of 'Liberal/Tory .. same old story', I am well aware that many, many Canadians vote either Conservative or Liberal.

I am just happy to finally see Liberals bloggers have to deal with the reality that your party is (at the moment) screwed.

Have a nice day! ;)

Leave it to you to point to a poll which validates why the NDP are scared to death of an election, so much so they've completely betrayed their entire storyline of the last 3 years. You are a hoot buckdog, not terribly clever, but always amusing.

What is particularly interesting here, while voters clearly are rejecting the Liberal election stance, you guys are nowhere, despite the opposite position. Fascinating.

BTW, I laughed so hard at that NDP ad, I actually had green tea go up my nose. I hate when I'm caught off guard like that. Anyways, tell the mustache he gets an A for saying it with a straight face. Incredible, but then again career politicians are GOOD, aren't they. I bet they all believe it now too.

You do realize of course that the Liberals are not the real enemy here. Those in
the Liberal Party aren't the only ones that get screwed if there is Con majority. It’s time the NDP, Liberals and Greens played nice to get over the Conservative crisis in this country.

First things first ... albatros .. go tell the same thing to the lemming libbloggers who haven't relented on endless attacks on the NDP rather than Harper. It is highly unfair of you to bring your complaint to me and not the Libs as well -

Steve V it is 'pathetic' how Libloggers are dealing with the death throes of their party by constantly lashing out at Layton. It proves what many have known all along ... you are all basically 'conservatives' in phony 'liberal' costumes. If the Liberal party ever did go out of existence, most of you would join the tories. You folks are obviously terrified of the New Democrats or you wouldn't spend so much time obsessed with us.

Doggy, i'm not concerned about these numbers, in fact, i'm enjoying them. With smug satisfaction, the humbling of Ignatieff and his supporters is great fun... I just can't figure out why certain Dipper bloggers are gloating about the Liberals slide in the polls right now, considering the NDP's own deterioration.


Hi Blues ... you said, "I just can't figure out why certain Dipper bloggers are gloating about the Liberals slide in the polls" ... I guess we are simply retaliating from the mind numbing posts of Iggy Lib supporters like Steve V.

fair enough.

"The latest poll projection keeps the Lib seat total as is, whereas the NDP would lose 35% of their seats"

You live in an orange dreamworld.

Oh, and btw, hackmeister, anytime you want to pen your version of why the NDP is really propping up the government vs my take I'm on board. Why don't we do that, submit it to 20 non partisan political scientists and whomever's version finds least support agrees to quit blogging for a year? Game?

Thought not.

STeve old buddy, old pal! The difference between you and I politically has a lot to do with the fact Libs can't stand not being in power and no immediate prospects of changing that.

New Democrats on the other hand, do not live day to day with the anxiety of not forming the next government.

The real question here is why are you even bothering to bicker and banter with New Democrats in the blogosphere? What is it about us that has some Libblogger so hot and bothered?

You need to go after those 'soft' Conservatives who used to vote for you! (They vote for Harper now!)

Nice dodge hackmeister. Hot air.

Unlike you, I've voted for other parties, yours included on TWO recent occasions. So, you partisan nonsense doesn't jive with me, I don't have a sense of entitlement, in fact I've rejected it previously. Just the facts hackster, just the facts.

Why bother? I'm not hot and bothered, what I am is amused and entertained watching you guys contort trying to rationalize what is obvious to everybody else. You can't fault me for noticing. What would be really neat, if one of you guys could actually admit that you're propping up the government because you know you'd lose seats, it isn't in your POLITICAL self interest to bring them down. You're acting like Liberals.

BTW, these EI reforms you cling to NOW actually amount to much lower expenditure for workers than the one's you rejected in the last budget. Again, just the facts, trying to pierce your partisan haze.

Have a good day. Woof, woof.

The libs - well some of them - are liked caged animals & lashing out.

I have been following this on my blackberry and just couldn't wait to get home and ask this question:
Speaking strategically, partisan politics aside, do you think it wise for Jack to vote with Iggy and Gille in order to bring about an election and perhaps replace the Liberals as the official opposition? Can it be done? Are Jack's numbers high enough? Are Iggy's low enough? Are there any issues coming up that the NDP oppose that could make this a real possibility?
Interesting political times, to say the least.

The Liberals as so without shame, I think if the New Democrats voted against Harper this week and he faced losing a vote, the Libs would once again support him (or abstain).

I agree. What will become of the Liberals? Iggy doesn't seem to stand a snowball's chance of winning over the Canadian public, so what next? Another leadership race? So soon? The Liberals are tapped out financially; they really can't go back to their membership looking for more money without some sort of political success. I think it is very likely that the Canadian Liberals may go the way of the Liberal Party in England. Sad, really, I have always liked the Liberals and was a party member for several years.

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