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Thursday, December 03, 2009 

Canada And China Issue JOINT Statement

BEIJING: China and Canada issued a joint statement in Beijing on Thursday after the official talks between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Following are the highlights of the joint statement:


Both sides reaffirmed the fundamental principle of respecting each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, core interests and major concerns. Neither side supports any attempt by any force to undermine the principle.

The Chinese side emphasized that the question of Taiwan concerns China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Canadian side reiterated its consistent and long-standing one-China policy, which was established at the founding of diplomatic ties. The country underlined its support for the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, including the efforts from both sides to increase dialogue and interactions in economic, political and other areas.

Trade, investment

The two countries reiterated commitment to maintaining an open investment and trade policy, opposing protectionism in all its manifestations, reducing barriers to investment and encouraging cooperation between the two countries' enterprises.

Both sides undertake to expedite negotiations of a China-Canada Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, to offer predictable and stable legal framework to boost confidence of investors.

The two countries also agreed on the need to encourage further growth of bilateral trade from its current levels, increasing trade in goods and services in all sectors, including energy and resources, infrastructure, telecommunication and transportation, advanced technology, tourism, agriculture and financial services. They also agreed to enhance cooperation on clean energy.

Cross-border crimes

The two sides pledged to strengthen cooperation on combating transnational crime and repatriating fugitives in accordance with their respective laws.

They agreed to sign a MOU on cooperation on combating crime at an early date and carry out negotiation on an agreement on the sharing of the proceeds of crime.

Human rights

Both sides acknowledged that differing histories and national conditions can create some distinct points of view on issues such as human rights. They agreed to increased dialogue and exchanges on human rights, on the basis of equality and mutual respect, to promote and protect human rights consistent with international human rights instruments.

Visit destination status

China and Canada welcome two new channels to increase people-to-people interaction, through the opening of a new Chinese Consulate General in Montreal, and China's announcement of approved destination status for Canada during Harper's visit.

Climate change

The two sides agreed to enhance policy dialogue and cooperation on climate change and clean energy technologies as a complement to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol.

Vancouver Olympics, Shanghai Expo

China welcomes the approaching of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and will send a large team of athletes to the games.

The Canadian side expressed its support for 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Starting in May of 2010, the Canada Pavilion at the Expo will provide large numbers of Chinese citizens the opportunity to visit and enjoy numerous Canadian arts, cultural and other public events.

China Daily

I didn't realize history was subjective. I guess the creationists and global warming denialists are right in their own minds too.

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