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Sunday, February 07, 2010 

Sarah Palin Uses 'Cheat Notes' At Teabagger Convention

Sarah Palin was caught on camera reading 'cheat notes' written on her hand at the Tea Party Convention Q&A session - February 6, 2010. Folks, she could be president of the usa one day ....

-Palin has sights set on White House - Times Online

Give her an inch and she'll take a yard.

Wink wink!

This story is funny and sad all at the same time. I saw a close up photo of the hand that someone released and it is hard to read but it is just a series of words the first of which is Energy. But the funniest thing of all is that at least one of the words is crossed out demonstrating that she couldn't even correctly write down her own cheat-notes.

i'm missing something here... she's the keynote speaker, right? she couldn't have written her cheat notes on recipe cards? or on her speaking notes...?

that's why they are called speaking notes...

her hand?

i'm confused

i suspect this woman is working with less than a full load

the positive thing is, she will never be President now (oh right, i am talking about the United States here...)

i can just see the attack ads:

[ANNOUNCER] (ominous music)

How will Sarah Palin deal with critical nuclear disarmament negotiations with Iran?

In 2010, she handled tough questions like "...what the top three priorities for the GOP ought to be should the party regain control of Congress" through the clever use of cheat notes written on her hand...

Sarah Palin - not ready to be President


really, a politicians who can't remember a script of 4 short slogans?

"The Huffington Post produced a photographic close-up, which showed her hand contained the words "Energy", "Tax" and "Lift American Spirits." The phrase "Budget cuts" was also there, though the word "Budget" had been crossed out."


The whole cheat notes business is not even worth a mention. Palin hasn't been honest for most of her life.

Remember that during the last election, Harper had notes during a televised debate and it had been agreed that there would be no notes at all.

So much for fair and square from a conservative.

They get me so angry. Why would anyone want either to be elected?

So, I don't like Palin...at all. She's frankly frightening but how is this noteworthy at all? she had a few keywords written down to jog her memory. The fact that they were written on her hand is significant?

Heck, one of the lessons one learns in public speaking classes is that cliff notes help you remember key points you want to make in a speech.

I don't think the problem is that she had notes per se.. I think that the problem is her inability to think on her feet, to speak extemporaneously about a subject she should know something about, and the blatant why she tried to 'slyly' look at the notes as though no one would notice and as though she were a junior high student. Every time she answers a question she sounds like she is on the miss america pageant.

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