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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 

The Political Game Has Changed Folks - It's Time To Start Shouting Down The Lunatic Right

Progressives pride themselves in being civilized, thoughtful and lacking in base human emotion when discussing or advancing our vision for a healthy society. However, the lunatic Right has been ranting, raving and shrieking their equivalent world view from the rooftops in a cacophony of blinding ignorance for quite some time now. The sheer volume of their antics has made it seem that their numbers are large. They are not. When the debate does not go their way, they merely turn up the volume levels.

In recent months, there have been two times when progressives stood firm and shouted down the Right. The first was the reaction from progressives to Stephen Harper's idiotic prorogation of Parliament. He and his minions were totally caught off guard by the huge reaction of progressives to his dictatorial disregard for our democracy. It hurt him ... big time.

The second recent example of shutting the Right up by shouting them down occurred last night at the University of Ottawa when a large number of progressive thinkers turned their anger into action and shouted down the vile, racist crap that vomits out of the mouth of Ms. Coulter.

Progressives generally are not comfortable bringing loud screaming emotional outbursts into the debate as is the norm from the Right. Unfortunately, it is the only thing that works.

Look, the Right has changed the game. Logical debate is no longer the method that they use to advance their views. They are only capable of game playing and shock tactics. The lunatic Right in Canada got a taste of their own medicine last night.

Shout them down. Every chance you get. It is the only thing that they respond to.

She's not a firebrand. If she had the courage of her convictions she would have spoken, but then again she wouldn't have had the opportunity to whine forever about us. If she really believed in freedom of speech she would defend the student's right to protest.

You can't record silence on an MP3, then played it back with the volume cranked, hoping to drown out another noise. Too often silence is taken as tacit agreement - or it is framed that way.

To be focused, their [lunatic right] objective should be clearly identified, understood and countered. I think their objective is to draw attention to their cause (conservatism as they understand it).

I think they've laid claim to the silent masses, claiming tacit agreement. Unless you specifically state your disagreement, you're assumed to agree with their point of view.

Perhaps the correct strategy is to divide and conquer. [Hmmm... sounds familiar... maybe this idea isn't original.] Count the number of the lunatic right and those who support them, and shout those numbers. Press them repeatedly to show their strength, rather than let their assumptions prevail.

The difficult part is to motivate the silent to speak. The anti-prorogue protest was a good start. And I think it succeeded because it was framed as the will of the majority, and the anti-prorogue outnumbered the pro, and thus the silent were counted with the majority. If that were false, wouldn't more have showed support for the opposite?. I believe this is the same underlying model that worked against the coalition the year earlier. It's not what you say, it's how many say it.

And if I'm wrong, may God strike me dead right now.

There, now I have the tacit agreement of God himself. Top that. Wait - didn't Sarah already do this? ;-)

I hope that in bringing your rabid right down you can avoid the kinds of hate and violence that our right wing is perpetrating.

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