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Monday, March 22, 2010 

Preston Manning For Governor General ?? Give Me A Break!

It's bad enough that Canada has a Governor General but the fact that Preston Manning is being touted to fill the position this coming September is repulsive. Mr. Manning advocates an extreme form of right wing ideology through his 'Manning Center' organization. Publicly funded health care? Old Age Security? Public education? Mr. Manning and his organization and allies have opposed all of these.

In an article published in the Winnipeg Free Press, in 2004, Frances Russel wrote, "Earlier this month, the (Fraser) institute held its 30th anniversary dinner attended by luminaries of the Canadian Right like Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, former Reform Leader Preston Manning and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris. Founder and president Michael Walker mapped out an ambitious plan for the future. Having won the battles against universality, deficits and debt, Mr. Walker said the institute will be turning its sights on privatising health and education. With millions of dollars in its coffers donated annually by the Who's Who of business, get ready for more Fraser, more of the time" (Wpg Free Press - 29/10/04)

"Where I think we're headed is a system of universal care, where everybody is covered ... with two tracks for delivery, and two tracks for payment. It's not a question of private versus public, but what mix of the two is appropriate.”
Preston Manning

Manning clearly advocates that the rich go to the front of the line for health care - why .. because in Preston's world, having more more money makes you more important - a 'better' person deserving of better care and better service.

Preston Manning was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He follows in his father's right wing footsteps - he was the son of Ernest Manning, Social Credit Party Premier of Alberta between 1943 and 1968. During those years, the Alberta government pursued a policy of forced sterilization based on 'Eugenics' concepts.

Preston Manning founded the Reform Party of Canada. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at forming a Federal government, the Reform Party began a process of co-opting the Progressive Conservative Party. The end result is the current 'Conservative Party of Canada' led for former Reform Party MP, Stephen Harper.

Canada does not need Preston Manning as our Governor General. Period!

I quite agree with you and I wonder if you can verify the fact that not a single premier or the prime minister attended E C Manning's funeral. If true, that says more about the person than any eulogy.

Preston Manning had a career in politics and then they mutinied against him. Poor chap, whatever happened to him? The populist curse, perhaps. And Stornoway still isn't a bingo hall.

The Governor General is the head of state of Canada.

Exactly how could such a polarising person like Preston Manning be a head of state?

"Torontonian said...
The Governor General is the head of state of Canada."

I believe the current GG got in trouble for saying that she was the Head of State in Canada. The GG just represents the Queen in her absence is how I understand it.

Manning would make an excellent Governor General.

Trent, what attributes do you believe Manning has that makes you think he would be a good choice?

1) the VAST majority of Canadians like our public health care system - Manning wants to replace it with a free market system

2) the VAST majority of Canadians like our public school system - Manning has advocated for private / for profit education

3) other than terms as a 'Member of Parliament' what does he bring to the nation in terms of past service to the people of Canada.

BTW, where to you get the data to support your claims about what the vast majority of Canadians support?

You're twisting words to suit your agenda and you know it. We already have a blended system of public and private health-care delivery in Canada and looking at expanding that partnership, like they do in France and most of Europe is a bad idea? Why?

Currently most doctors have there own their clinics as well as all of the medical equipment in them. Yet you socialists go absolutely ballistic at the idea of these same clinics owning an MRI in the same manner as they own their Ultra Sound equipment. Why would you stand in the way of people getting the health-care they need? Because the Government doesn't own a certain piece of equipment? That's insane.
Next time you go for a blood test remember that the tests were preformed by a privately owned medical laboratory that is working under contract to the Government.
Again, if contracting out more services will shorten waiting lists and provide better health-care to Canadians I'm Ala for it.

Add to that he's a goddamn homophobic, misogynistic, Christian Dominionist nutjob and that about covers it, Dog.


"The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey suggests 82 per cent of Canadians believe our system is better than U.S. health care."

Harris-Decima Poll

It is only the Right wing in Canada, obsessed with minor glitches in the System, who want to change or abandon our publically funded health care. Poll after poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Canadians like what we have ... just as I claimed earlier.

A bit more on how the vast majority of Canadians do not want privatized doctors and hospitals.

Pressed-on Manhood for GG??? Gag me with a fork!

Just because 82% of Canadians think that we have a better health care system that the Americans, doesn't mean that they don't want private health care. There is a gradient, see the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, etc. etc. (all of which, interestingly enough, are rated higher than Canada)

Anyways, that's neither here nor there. What I really wanted to say was, didn't the hero of the left, Tommy Douglas, know a thing or two about eugenics too? Know anything about that Leftdog?

I know Adam that you have decided to throw your lot in with the lunatic Right and actively try to slander Douglas - I repeat ... at no time did Saskatchewan under the CCF nor the NDP EVER practice eugenics/forced sterilization. HOWEVER, the province of Alberta, under BOTH Social Credit AND Progressive Conservative governments FORCIBLY medically sterilized people against their will ... mostly aboriginal people.
Piss off.

Preston Manning said Balance the budget to Save Social Programs. Harpers obsession with Mulroney is far more concerning. Harper promising Gordon Campbell a Senate seat for railroading the HST in BC is the biggest scam since Mulroney.

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