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Saturday, April 03, 2010 

Are Obama / Clinton Slipping A 'Poison Pill' To Stephen Harper?

Progressive Bloggers

If it should so happen that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have decided that American fortunes are best served by having Stephen Harper's Conservatives out of power, don't expect Canadian progressives to rally to the defense of our current Right Wing government.

Exactly what has Stephen Harper done to win the loyalty of non-Conservatives in Canada? He prorogued the democratically elected House of Commons TWICE! He has obstructed the will of parliament over valid enquiries into torture in Afghanistan. He has tried to remake this great nation into some sort of Reform Party corporate vision. He has weasel worded Canada's military mission in Afghanistan into a 'support the troops' refrain. His words have shown contempt for Canada. He is the worst prime minister Canada has ever seen when it comes to honest portrayal of the real issues.

If Harperites think that Canadians will line up to defend him merely because we are all Canadians, they can think again.

The sooner Stephen Harper is a footnote in the history of Canada, the better we all will be! Harper has shown loyalty only to those who share his Right wing ideology. I owe no loyalty to Stephen Harper - neither do you!

-Toronto Star
-Globe & Mail


Oh ... and here's the 'poison pill'! ...

While I agree with the principle that the bastard Harper should have been thrown to the alligators a long time ago, I'm not too keen on seeing Count Ignatieff in the PM's chair.

That said, I don't blame anyone who thinks politician XYZ would make a better PM than Harper. I agree that Harper is the worst PM in history.

Maybe a major event, such as the retirement of Gilles Duceppe will cause enough of a realignment to put the NDP in the position to obtain a majority - it would be so great to see. Iggy as PM, well not so much.

Funny how the war mongering Harpercon cheerleaders who would otherwise jump at the chance to extend the mission...well...indefinitely are now all of a sudden interested in ending it in 2011.

Simply put, wrong timing and wrong Americans selling it.


LRT: The NDP will never ever even get a minority. Hate to burst anyone's bubble but the sooner folks face a tough reality, the better for all concerned. That NDP dream will serve to help Steve.

The fact is, and always has been, that most Canadians are centrists. This generation is more right leaning than previous. As such, these centrists are too willing to be led down Harper's sharp right turn; SOcon values & McCarthyism embraced and evul soshalism denounced, and all...

The best we can hope for is to prevent a Harpercon majority and at this point, I don't really care how it's done, so long as it's done.

If the NDP ever had a chance of governing,it was over 25 years ago, under Ed Broadbent, after Trudeaumania was over. But instead, Lyin' Brian won two massive majorities.

I don't care who wins as long as Harper's gone.

Is Harper not supposed to be going to Washington to see Obama this summer?
I think that Obama is on to Harper's right-wing crazies.
I do not know how the people could be so stupid as to put him in again..there will be nothing left of this Country!!!

One more little delightful wrinkle to add to this whole US-Canada relation debacle.

There has been talk in the U.S. of pulling out of NAFTA; apparently, that (by some miracle) has every branch of American society in agreement with that: Rethuglicans and Dems; the Tea-bagger hit parade to the most soshalist of folks.


(CK has left a new comment on your post "Are Obama / Clinton Slipping A 'Poison Pill' To St...":)

One more little delightful wrinkle to add to this whole US-Canada relation debacle.

There has been talk in the U.S. of pulling out of NAFTA; apparently, that (by some miracle) has every branch of American society in agreement with that: Rethuglicans and Dems; the Tea-bagger hit parade to the most soshalist of folks.


Posted by CK to Buckdog at 10:28 PM, April 03, 2010 - for some unknown reason, I just can't get this comment to appear ... so I will post under my name.

I seriously doubt that the Americans would be dumb enough to try to influence who's PM in Canada.

If such a scheme were to be made public, there would be an intense anti-American backlash that would damage relations for years. As well, Obama's opponents would use it to show that Obama is inept at foreign relations.

At any rate, there is little to be gained. The Conservatives have historically been far more American-friendly than the Liberals, as the Libs never tire of pointing out. Obama is likely thinking that it's better to have the devil he knows.

Any reasonable commentator, writing in about 1995, would have said that the NDP could never win in Nova Scotia. While CK clings tightly to the Liberal talking points - that we really have no right to expect better than a tired duopoly of corruption and right wing policies - some of us can imagine a future where we have a choice besides Tweedle-extreme and Tweedle-crooked.

Malcolm,It's not that I'm a huge fan of the Liberals, but they're the only way to get Harper out of office. No one is more frightening than Steve.

Fact is, Canadians are just not that progressive. In fact, there was someone who has lived in many places around the world and found Canadians to be the most conservative next to the U.S.

The fact is, if we ever were, How come Broadbent never won either of the two elections instead of Mulroney? It's something to think about.

The majority of Canadians have always been center. Nowadays, these same centrists have steered right.

I'm afraid the party that will win will be one who will pander to the majority centrists.

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