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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 

Jaffer Claims He Has NEVER Used Drugs ....

... I guess he just likes carrying Cocaine around in his pocket for good luck!

He's using a shovel for two purposes: spreading bull**** and for digging himself deeper into a hole.

Busy boy.

"O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive".

Maybe he thought it was a sugar packet...I wonder if he were ever dumb enough to snort sugar

I was disappointed that no one questioned him as to why he had the substance in his pocket... and why he was speeding and...driving after drinking
and... if he thought getting off as he did was appropriate for anyone.
Pat Martin could have asked this rather than jab at Jaffer the way he did.

This committe had directions on what they were allowed to ask about. They were not supposed to ask about cocaine etc.. This was about illegal lobbying.
If they had been allowed this would have been an even bigger circus than it turned out to be. BTW I hope there are no other cases of spouses, children etc. of sitting members ever caught for drug possession. Will the members also have to be bouced from their various caucuses?

That wasn't cocaine in his pocket. It was Bolivian Marching Powder. Sheesh, can't anyone tell the difference?

Tom: I understand the point you are making.Be tat the case this case, he then had no need to mention his "never" using drugs

Tom (above) states that the committee had directions on what they were allowed to ask about.

Who set those limitations? Aren't committees self-governing and is anyone from outside able to dictate terms?

This strikes at the heart of the supremacy issue. Which has supremacy, Parliament of the PM?

I always understood the supremacy lay with Parliament but Harper seems to have arrogated that to himself--witness the prorogations.

I'd like to know who dictated terms to this committee.

so sorry for typos, need to clean my keys.
good question Torontonian.
He was also permitted a lengthy ode to Helena.

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