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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 


PARLIAMENT IS SUPREME and Stephen Harper and the Conservatives MUST comply with Parliament. However, security of the documents will be arranged.

Conservative spin doctors are trying to portray this as 'no decision' ... typical Right wing LIARS!! Mr. Speaker's decision was definite!

Canadians have had enough of this conservative government and their self centered, self serving, right wing, war mongering, political crap. If Harper wants to play 'political chicken' with the nation and not comply with Parliament's order then he does so at the peril of his government. At 29%, does Harper want an election??

Just for the record, Ignatieff, Duceppe and Layton were in the House of Commons for the historic ruling by the Speaker. Stephen Harper was not.

-CBC News

Here is the Conservative reaction to the Speakers Ruling:

Tory statement on Milliken ruling:"We are ███████ that ████ doesn't seem ██ ████. We ██ █████ to ███ our ██ ███."

(.........just kidding)

The voting public put members into the House of Commons and they are the servants of those electors.

Collectively, the parliament is the servant of the Canadian public.
Harper should have remembered that he is the servant-in-chief but he decided to arrogate to himself the ultimate authority.

Senator Forsey would have loved this whole matter and would have spoken so well on it.

Harper is doing what Nixon did during Watergate. Remember what happened to Nixon. Harper has this problem of always idealising other conservatives like Thatcher,
Bush, and John Howard--all of whom
were failures.

With Nixon, it was the supremacy of the Constitution. With Harper it is the supremacy of Parliament.

Buckdog and Torontonian - great job. I'm trying to assimilate what this all means. You helped.

Jymn Parrett

I mentioned Senator Eugene Forsey. He wrote a book called How Canadians Govern Themselves--a must-read guide to our system of government.

I'm offering this link to it and I hope you read it through. It should help you understand how Harper is violating the rules and traditions of parliament.

There is a paradox of leadership.

The great leaders must be the most humble of servants. Jesus exemplified this mightily. Harper hasn't grasped the concept yet he claims to be a Christian. No he isn't; he's a cafeteria Christian--a little bit of this, skip that and on to the deserts.

Enjoy reading How Canadians Govern Themselves. It's a great read from a Senator who served his country with humility and dedication.

Bwahahahaha! Well written.

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