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Wednesday, April 07, 2010 

Sask Party MLA "would be severely reprimanded or possibly even fired in most any other workplace" -Regina Leader-Post

Serge LeClerc is a Saskatchewan Party Member of the Legislative Assembly. His threatening behaviour towards the Leader of the Official Opposition is garnering a lot of attention due to his previous stint in the Canadian penitentiary system.

"More disconcerting, however, was Lingenfelter's recollection of another incident from last November -- a story reported on in this newspaper -- in which he was loudly confronted and even allegedly threatened by LeClerc in the rotunda.

Again, no independent source clearly heard the entire exchange in which LeClerc allegedly asked Lingenfelter to step outside or go to a bar where the two could presumably settle their differences in the old-fashioned, manly way. That said, reporters passing by did witness a very loud and angry LeClerc in Lingenfelter's face during that rotunda encounter.

The incident concerned Lingenfelter enough at the time to privately report it to legislative security because, according to the NDP leader, LeClerc also allegedly made threats about "knowing where Lingenfelter's family lives." LeClerc called Lingenfelter's accusation an "outrageous lie".

Whether LeClerc would be foolish enough to actually threaten Lingenfelter's family remains debatable, but the tone (as heard by reporters) and admitted words used by LeClerc sure seem to support Lingenfelter's version of most of the exchange.

According to LeClerc's own written account of the incident (dated Nov. 26 and released by government officials Thursday) LeClerc admitted to confronting Lingenfelter in the rotunda (because Lingenfelter called LeClerc a "dummy" in an earlier committee meeting) and got "very close" to Lingenfelter "so that I could speak directly and quietly to him". LeClerc's statement also admitted to calling Lingenfelter a "coward" and the Sask. Party MLA said he suggested "we could go for a walk together or meet at a bar and I would respond to his personal insult."

The issue here isn't so much the elevated middle finger or even a single MLA with anger management issues. The problem is that -- at least on a subconscious level -- such bad behaviour at the legislature isn't being discouraged. If anything, it is encouraged.

Yes, encouraged. Strictly based on what he admitted to saying, LeClerc would be severely reprimanded or possibly even fired in most any other workplace. If it were high school, he'd certainly be kicked out"

Regina Leader-Post

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