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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 

Who Knew That The Brad Wall Gov't Would Cost Us So Much?

Progressive Bloggers

Readers of this blog know that I have pointed out a number of cases that dispel the myth of 'fiscal conservatism'. The Right continues to believe their own political lie that they are somehow 'responsible' when it comes to administering public tax dollars. Bull! More proof of this myth was provided in Saskatchewan by the Provincial Auditor.

Here is a choice excerpt from the report on how 'fiscally conservative' our Right wing Brad Wall government of Saskatchewan actually is:

"Because the government uses inappropriate accounting policies, the GRF financial statements (for 2008-09) report net debt and annual surplus inaccurately. If the government had accounted for all transactions properly, the statements would have recorded net debt of $8.07 billion instead of $3.85 billion on March 31, 2009, and recorded a surplus of $1.62 billion instead of $2.39 billion for the year ended March 31, 2009."
Report of the Provincial Auditor on the 2008-09 Government Accounts

It is explicitely not in the interests of movement conservatives when they take power to provide 'good governemnt', because doing so would undermine their central ideological trope that there is no such thing as good government.

So their failures of regulation, corruption are mismanagement are all inevitable results of an ideology that responds to such incompentance by saying 'See, I told you that government is no damn good.'

Of course all they've proven is that their government is no damn good.

*Sigh* it is starting to feel like the 1980's again. I still have a few protest signs left over from the Devine era that I can dust off and trot down to the Leg. some sunny Saturday. All I have to do is change the name on the signs and we're good to go.

Even early on their arrogance knew no bounds. The Chair of the Public Service Commission chastised them publicly over how they were implementing their transition plans. Since then we have a new Chair of the PSC. I cannot help but think the two events are somehow connected. Ms Isman was not really demoted as such but she's been shuffled off to where she can't embarrass them as easily as she had been.

And now the money, or lack of it. In less than two years they took us from prosperous to just getting by. Now to make up for it they're embarking on a wholesale slaughter of the civil service. Between the positions they're moving out-of-scope to the positions in-scope that they're just not going to fill, they'll reduce the provincial civil service (and consequently SGEU) to little more than an irritant to them. Rob Norris has effectively tied the hands of unions in this province. It is harder to organize, harder to certify, and rescission actions are easier to undertake and more difficult to thwart. We have almost no means to bargain collectively due to essential services legislation. One of the side table agreements in the 2007 MOU with SGEU was that they would not pursue essential services legislation, and surprise surprise have gone back on their word there too. But then ask the people behind Station 20 West what they think the SP's word is worth.

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