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Tuesday, December 07, 2010 

Blogging Tories Guru - Stephen Taylor Named New Director At National Citizens Coalition

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Stephen Taylor Joins the National Citizens Coalition

OTTAWA (December 7, 2010)

The National Citizens Coalition is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Taylor as a Director.

"Stephen Taylor is one of the brightest minds in the country that is currently involved in social media," says Peter Coleman President and CEO of the National Citizens Coalition. “Together we will be able to provide increased insight and information to a greatly expanded number of Canadians both in the main stream media as well as in the vastly growing internet and social media universe”.

"I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with the NCC to advance their principles of individual freedom and responsible government by engaging the growing movement online"," Taylor said of his new role in the organization.

The National Citizens Coalition has had a great deal of success in this field, with a burgeoning blog following and constant updates. With the addition of Stephen Taylor’s expertise and visibility, the NCC will be even better positioned to interact with concerned citizens, social media users, politicians and journalists.

"As all levels of government and most non government organizations are exploring and expanding their use of social media, it is very important to stay on the leading edge of this technology. As more and more Canadians turn to these sources for political news and discussion, the NCC will remain an important destination," added Coleman.

The National Citizens Coalition is Canada’s largest organization that stands for the defense and promotion of free enterprise, free speech and a government that is accountable to the taxpayer. Founded in 1967, the NCC continues to fight for more freedom through less government.

Peter Coleman
President and CEO
National Citizens Coalition
Office: 416-869-3838
Cell: 416-388-5633

Stephen Taylor
National Citizens Coalition

-Stephen Taylor's Blogsite

... more to follow ...

All aboard!

Stand by for more douchebaggery from the NCC ...

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