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Monday, December 06, 2010 

Retard-a-Palooza ... or ... 'Inside The Mind Of Don Cherry"

-baby Jesus ...
-asking that a particular player gets 'smacked' ....
-dissing 'Natives' ....
-slandering David Suzuki ....
-the troops ....

"So the mayor wants Don Cherry to hang the chain of office around his neck; what of it? Here’s what of it: The Clamshell is not Coach’s Corner.

Rob Ford is the chief magistrate of the corporation of the city of Toronto. He demeans his office — our office — if he turns the investiture into a sideshow.

The symbolism of these things is such that, if anyone is going to hang anything around the mayor’s neck, it ought to be someone who represents the people of the city. Cherry may be a fine fellow, but he doesn’t live in Toronto, shovels no snow in this city, pays no taxes here. His only currency is his chippy celebrity.

Oh, relax, you say, his presence would be fun. Not even close. Fun would be showgirls, cabana boys and monkeys riding Shetland ponies.

Joe Fiorito
-Don Cherry Has No Place At Mayor's Inauguration

-Globe & Mail: Don Cherry slams ‘pinkos’ in the ‘left-wing media’ during Ford inauguration

Considering the mayor, sounds like he'd fit right in

... it is fitting isn't it? ...

so now crazy means you get to use a slur like retard????

.... if the shoe fits ...

By and large, the only group who finds the word 'retard' to be offensive is the RIGHT, to whom the word generally applies. My guess is that many on the Right have been labelled as 'retards' numerous times .. generally when they open their mouths and spout idiocy such as:
-unfettered free markets
-fiscal conservatism ....
most of the retarded things that they believe and spuout!

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