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Friday, December 03, 2010 

University of Calgary Jams Out Over Tom Flanagan's Call For Assassination As A Legitimate Political Tool

The University of Calgary is not going to take any disciplinary action against an advocate of political assassination who teaches there. Professor Tom Flanagan, who believes that assassination is a viable political tool, has been let off the hook and is free to continue to teach poison and venom to the youth of Alberta. Pity.

Flanagan's call for the assassination of the WikiLeaks CEO has now spawned other calls for the murder of the entire Assange family.

Flanagan is a mentor, friend and former adviser to PM $tephen Harper. His call for assassination as a way to deal with a political enemy is vile and disgusting.

Tom Flanagan is a disgrace to academics and educators everywhere.

-Calgary Herald

Please try for a modicum of accuracy. There was only a call for using his son to get to Julian Assange if he proved hard to reach.

On your blog you wrote:
"He has at least one acknowledged son, Daniel Assange, who lives something close to normal life in Australia and who is easy to find and equally easy to harm either physically, legally, or economically. Physical harm would be best."

You should be arrested for inciting violence. Even in your own country, uttering threats is a criminal offence.

That doesn't really work when it's not a threat, and it definitely doesn't work when it's not even a call for independent action.

Saying that the US government should assassinate Julian Assange and, if needs be, use his son to get to him isn't even a threat at all since I'm not the POTUS or the head of the CIA and could give that order.

....do you go to church on Sundays?

No. I'm not Christian. I'm a follower of Morrígu and Cernunnos.

.. hmm ... celtic - assassination is not a civilized political tool. Those who employ it have degenerated to the level of the Red fascists under Stalin or German fascists under Hitler. When American tactics begin to imitate those of your enemies (the taliban - N. Koreans, etc), there is no real difference between you and your enemies. Imperial Japanese officials were executed at the end of the 2nd WW for authorizing and using waterboarding torture techniques. Your own Bush and Cheney did the same thing .. today they are getting big $$$ for speaking engagements.

There's no degeneration, Buckdog. Such has always been the way things have been handled - by all, or most, nations and certainly by all with a longish track record of success.

You mention Bush and Cheney, but they only - stupidly - did openly what had been done for decades.

I'll mention Obama now, since he openly green-lighted a US citizen.

There is a delicious irony in this situation.

Harper's "friend" and mentor and political adviser makes these statements on a network Harper hates and from Harper's hometown--where he also lives.

They say you're known by the company you keep.

I haven't put any stock in anything that Flanagan says for at least a decade. And you . . . ?

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