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Monday, January 31, 2011 

Harper's Corporate Tax Cuts Should Bring The Government Down

"If Mr. Harper’s priority is to give more to the banks, he knows what to expect."
Thomas Mulcair, MP
New Democrat Finance Critic

It is political alchemy. The Right believes that if you give billions and billions of dollars to the corporate sector, they will create thousands and thousands of new jobs.

Excuse me? Where are the stats that prove this economic nonsense? Jim Stanford, economist with the Canadian Auto Workers estimates that Canada's corporate sector is currently sitting on Billions of retained earnings, savings and other cash investments that are NOT actively creating jobs. Never the less, Stephen Harper is going to borrow a further $6 Billion (that you and I will have to repay through our tax dollars) and drop it into the lap of large corporations.

No thank you!

Globe & Mail

What about the positive affect lower corporate taxes have on the 900,000+ small business owners in Canada, most of whom are not millionaires?

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