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Monday, February 14, 2011 

$tephen Harper Believes In Unfettered Free Market VooDoo!

Canada's corporate sector is sitting on over $50 Billion dollars of retained earnings and savings that they are NOT investing in the economy. And why would they if Stephen Harper is going to take the Taxpayer's credit card and borrow $6 Billion to give to the very same corporations.

You see, our Prime Minister believes in a very dangerous type of voodoo. He believes that if Billions of dollars is given to Banks, car manufacturers and other corporations, they will invest that money in the economy and everyone will benefit as the borrowed money trickles down to the lower classes like you and me.

It is pure Conservative ideology. They believe it like religion. Yet it is a false religion. You see, Harper's corporate tax cuts do not 'require' these tax savings to be reinvested in the economy. If they want, the benefiting companies can use the tax savings to increase the salaries of CEO's. Contrast this with how the Conservatives didn't even blink when they increased Employment Insurance premiums for all of Canada's workers.

Harper is going to give big corporations a tax cut and you are going to pay for it. There will be no big 'trickle down' benefit. It is simply the same old Conservative Party of Canada giving Billions and Billions of dollars in 'corporate welfare' to their friends.

It could also be $tephen Harper's Achilles Heel. Why? Because he so sincerely believes that what he is doing is the right thing. He is about to find out from Canadians that it might be the 'Rightwing' thing, ... but it is WRONG for Canadians.

Harper .. the sooner you are gone, the better off all Canadians will be.

-Harper won't blink on corporate tax cuts ...

.. typo corrected ..

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