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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 

22484 people voted for Ruth Ellen Brosseau - More than voted for any Liberal candidate in all of Quebec!

22,484 people voted for Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the May 2nd Federal Election. That's more than voted for any Liberal candidate in all of Quebec! And yet, a number of Liberal bloggers decided that Mme. Brosseau would be the victim of their vile venom.

Now, in all fairness, a large number of active Liberal bloggers did not attack the young, new Member of Parliament. Unfortunately, their silence was highly inappropriate in that no one in Liberal ranks raised their voice in opposition to these sexist attacks by their fellow Libs.

But for those of you who did attack Ruth Ellen Brosseau, your despicable, sexist, reactionary rants say more about you then they do about her.

Yes she is inexperienced, but who isn't when first elected to the House of Commons.

There is a lot of sexist poison in the ranks of the old boys club known as the Liberal Party of Canada.

yeah. Bring it up with the National Media buddy. Not to mention the Conservatives.

Perhaps she should stop digging her own grave first. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/new-democrat-doesnt-have-diploma-despite-inclusion-in-biography/article2016933/

James ... you sure are taking May 2nd quite badly. I recommend that you calm down somewhat.

Justin Trudeau doesn't want to be leader and says that some Liberals are thinking that he will be your salvation.

Don't rush into anything.

You don't have to like Ruth Brosseau but you are not helping the Liberal cause by criticising the 22,000 Quebec citizens who voted for her.

Listen Dude. I've never slagged this girl. And her digging her own grave has nothing to do with Justin, the Liberal Party or me. But the Dippers better hire this poor soul a PR rep soon.

yes, people made a choice and it strongly appears that voters in that riding, and right across Quebec were not interested in the Conservative, Liberal, and Bloc brand.

I remember in 1993, when every riding on Ontario was won by Liberals. The fellow in my area was Steckle who turned out to be more right wing than Reform - he would have felt right at home there. he was an anti-choice gun loving fellow who sent a Christmas card with his family in fatigues and holding guns - omg!

We all thought we were voting for progressive - lol - not!

So for me, I hope that REB is a real progressive, and by the sounds of her she is - good & that's what the good folks in that riding wanted & not some old fathead windbag in a suit!

22 484 people in Berthier-Maskinonge voted for Jack Layton - not Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Why would 22 484 people in a riding hundreds of kilometres away from here where 98% are francophone, vote for an angophone from Ottawa? Hm?

Face it - barely anyone in B-M batted an eye at Brosseau, they voted for Jack. They're not likely to do so again if she continues on as she is.

Mound of Sound ... I guess you missed the warning at the top of my blog that says 'abusive comments will be deleted' - You have been abusive ... so too bad for you - NOT CENSORSHIP - just me not being abused on my own site.

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