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Friday, May 06, 2011 

Harper Won't Touch Abortion But What Issue Will He Flip To His Hard Right And Social Conservatives?

On a quiet Canadian morning, in the not too distant future, I fully expect a Conservative Private Member's Bill to appear on the order paper that speaks to a return to Capital Punishment in Canada. It will not be a 'government' initiated proposal, per se, but it will be the sop that gives the hard Right and social conservatives in Harper's caucus something to rally around and ultimately claim victory over.

It will be hotly debated on all sides of the House. The nation will sit up and pay attention. It will also be hotly debated in every Tim Hortons location across the Dominion. The MSM will give blanket coverage to every little nuance of the debate. The blogosphere will churn out huge volumes of chatter both measured and ludicrous.

It will all be a well camouflaged distraction. While the debate rages, Mr. Harper will quietly be changing the foundations of the nation by Cabinet issued Order in Council, unseen and unnoticed by an otherwise distracted population.

That is how the change in Canada will commence. The debate will have nothing to do with a return to Capital Punihsment. No, the debate will have everything to do with distraction.

Have a nice day!

A plausible scenario. The bill probably wouldn't even pass because the Toronto area Conservatives wouldn't support it.

Agreed. I don't for a minute believe that Harper has any real intention of reintroducing capital punishment. But as I said, if he seeks an issue that will dominate debate from coast to coast - an issue that will provide overall distraction AND occupy his back benches. The debate will rage for weeks. Everyone will have an opinion. It is all we will hear about. The debate will be passionate. Cabinet's Orders in Council will grind out barely noticed.


You are one paranoid puppy


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