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Friday, May 06, 2011 

NO Criticism Of MISSING Male Conservative MP - There Is A Sexist Double Standard When The MSM Attacks A Young Woman NDP MP From Quebec!

"A Lethbridge (Conservative) MP named Jim Hillyer never appeared during the campaign didn't do any interviews, no debates, ran away into a washroom once when he was found on the street."
Don Martin, Host
Power Play - CTV

At the 1:48 point of this Power Play excerpt, the panel talks about the double standard evident in the ongoing media frenzy over New Democrat MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau while no mention is made in the MSM of missing Conservative MP, Jim Hillyer. I guess the MSM - National Newswatch and Bourque Newswatch would all rather attack a young woman MP rather than a male MP.

CTV - Power Play Excerpt


"Jim Hillyer - Lethbridge's 'Man Who Wasn't There' Heads To Ottawa!
He was dubbed The Man Who Wasn’t There – Jim Hillyer, a first-time Conservative candidate in the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge.

Mr. Hillyer replaced a popular outgoing MP in the Tory stronghold, but set about a quiet absentee campaign that stirred an uproar in the tightly knit community, which is accustomed to meeting its candidates."

"He earned his moniker from a local newspaper after failing to show up at a pair of debates, repeatedly refusing interview requests and declining to speak to a local blogger who used Twitter to track him down while he was door knocking, an activity he said was more important. (In a video of the encounter posted online, Mr. Hillyer said he couldn’t talk because he had to use the bathroom.)

The Globe & Mail

Progressive Bloggers

Well, at least he didn't use the "I'm eating my cookie" excuse.....

Awesome find.

Thanks Michael. There is a lot of misogyny in both Right wing political circles (angry middle aged white guys) as well as in the MSM. The attacks on Mme. Brosseau are disgusting in both tone and ferocity.

I think it's not so much misogyny (though it is that) as class-baiting. I really think if she'd been a 27-year old absentee lawyer, we wouldn't be hearing so much of this.

It was great Buckdog - it's time to call off the dogs - it makes them look so boorish!

Think about it - would a woman even consider being a part of a party (Liberal or Conservative) who would relentlessly hound a woman - they were like jackals all week!

It was was like them throwing red meat to their supporters - completely disgusting!

Missing Conservative MP? how about a Conservative MP that moves Provinces and still gets a majority vote, as I said to Harper on twitter due to a comment he made "you guarantee a majority, for your party 3 days before election,you pull a G.W.Bush and rig the election",,,, I highly think there was election fraud involved, the Conservatives have a history of it, especially since Steven Harper went for blending the Progressive Conservatives with the Reform/Alliance party, of which Alberta now has as the Wild Rose Alliance, Preston Manning, your to smart for your own good, as was Bush JR., he is now wanted as a war criminal , as is Harper.

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