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Monday, August 22, 2011 

Updated: Canada's Right Wing Corporate Media CAN'T WAIT ONE DAY Before They Start Attacking Jack Layton ....

Christy Blatchford .... you are classless beyond belief!!

But the prize for totally inappropriate, and classless behavior goes to the City Editor of the Calgary Sun ... Dave Naylor

Apparently the Calgary Sun has published the following concerning City Editor, Dave Naylor's tasteless attack on Jack;
""... the sentiments expressed by Mr. Naylor on his personal twitter account are not those of the Sun. I would ask that you judge us by our 10 pages of coverage on Mr. Layton's passing. As for Mr. Naylor, I have spoken to him at length today and he couldn't feel worse about his tweet yesterday. He deleted the comment shortly after it was posted and apologized. He has also volunteered to make a donation in Jack Layton's name to the Alberta Cancer Society. We don't condone the type of tone in Mr. Naylor's tweet but any further reprimands coming to Mr. Naylor are obviously an internal issue and not one I would be comfortable sharing beyond our immediate company. I assure you we don't take cancer lightly nor do we condone this type of tasteless social media commentary." - Jose Rodriguez, Edtor-in-Chief.

*** Don't expect anything from the National Post apologizing for the vile schlock they published by Christie Blatchford ***

This is the text of an e-mail I've sent Ms. Blatchford.

Hello Ms Blatchford,
Having read your column on Jack Layton’s death, I feel very sorry for you. Or perhaps you feel better have vomited up that load of bile? But I doubt it; I’ve read your columns from time to time over the years, and this latest one merely exhibits again the self-righteous mean-spiritedness which characterizes so much of your work. I repeat; I feel very sorry for you.

If others have something to say to the very, very bilious Ms. Blatchford, here is her email addy:


I posted a blog post about this and mentioned you: http://benfromcanada.blogspot.com/2011/08/classless.html

And I will email Blatchford.

While I share your sentiments entirely, we shouldn't fail to notice the liberal media's thinly veiled attacks, or their barely concealed glee at the prospect of a Liberal resurrection.

Read the second part of Kinsella's "tribute" and see if you can't hear the knives being sharpened in the background.

Distasteful indeed but it reflects the true mean-spirited trash that the rightwing really is in this country. Better that they show their true colors than pretend, like Harper did today, that they have respect for Mr. Layton. Though you and I need no more evidence of what the right represents, apparently many in this country continue to fail to understand. Let them spill their bile, it is the true poison that they represent.

Jack Layton had both principle and respect for opponents without any need for distateful attack ads or vitriol.

Apparently, there are many too many so-called Canadians who can't learn from his gentleman and respectful sharing of opposite views.

Does anyone remember the gushing treacle following the death of Reagan?

So, how do the tributes to Jack Layton differ? Just because he was a progressive?

And Michael Coren hasn't said anything, at least not yet.

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