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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 

The National Post ATTACKS Jack Layton For the Second Time In The 36 Hours Since He Died !

The National Post is scum. For the second time in the day and a half since the death of Jack Layton, they are on the attack. Progressive Blogger, Jymn at Sister Sage's Musings describes it best:

"the reason you find the outpouring of sympathy for Jack offensive is that he is not a Conservative. You can’t stand to see a left winger get any press, let alone Jack Layton. A common undercurrent of bewilderment runs through these columns – how can Canadians show so much affection for a commie and socialist? You see this phenomenon in the US right with their desperate attempts to take away any credit for Obama’s successes. It’s more than jealousy or attempts to control the narrative; it is an emotional and psychological condition that plagues conservatives. To share is to fail. They want it all."

How simply pathetic. They could not stand a celebration of Jacks life.

simply astounding. I suspect it grates the nerves of some right wing folks to see a leftie being honoured. Especially when you have not seen one of you own collect such good thoughts, feelings and generate hope.

Jack was very special, we were lucky to have him, he gave us all he could, that makes Canada far better off than it would have been.


It becomes understandable when you consider one basic fact:
They're wrong. Conservative politics is fundamentally untenable. For those who gain it is an exercise in sophistry to back their self-interest. For those who are fooled it is an emotional crutch that distracts them from their insecurities using negative emotions.

At some level, a lot of them know it. They know they're wrong and their ideology is unworthy. Which means two things: If the opposition is ever given an inch, it's dangerous, because the truth is always dangerous to the lie. And they can't face the possibility, because if the other side wins they won't just lose, they'll be confronted with their own failings.

I'm a leftist. If I'm wrong* and it turns out free markets and whatnot are the only way economies can work, that'll be a sad thing, but at least I'd be able to take comfort that my intentions were the best, that I was trying to help those worst off and make democracy deeper and all that stuff. If a right winger confronts being wrong, they have to deal with the idea that all this time they've been a vicious creep, FOR NOTHING. If they could handle that they wouldn't have become vicious creeps in the first place.

*Yes, I know. Impossible, I hear you say. PLG, wrong about something? Perish the thought. But indulge my fantasy for a moment. ;)

They are afraid.

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