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Thursday, August 25, 2011 

Sask Premier Brad Wall Uses Heavy Hand Of Government To Keep Wages Low For Working People In Order To Maximise Profits For Big Business

Statistics Canada is verifying what many in Saskatchewan already know - the so called 'Boom' is only being experienced by a very few.

"Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island saw the slowest wage growth, up one per cent to $854.60 and up 1.7 per cent to $723.15, respectively."
Montreal Gazette

You see, Premier Wall is one of those 'unfettered free-market' guys who believe that the more you stoke business the better off everyone will be. It sounds nice but reality proves otherwise in most real situations. Wall believes that if you keep wages low, resist any move by working people to increase remuneration for their work, it will help businesses improve their bottom line by holding labour costs in check.

The flaw in this Right wing economic theory is that if all the working people are held to the lowest wage possible, who exactly is supposed to consume the goods and services of the very businesses that Wall wants to promote?

One of the first things that Mr. Wall did when he became Premier was to enact a number of heavy handed anti-organized labour laws that remove the ability to strike for many working people.

Stats Canada's newest figures on wage growth shows that Wall has been successful in repressing wage growth on his watch. He can brag to Big Business that he is their friend and hold his hand out for political contributions. The problem is, this same wage suppression keeps average working people from prospering.

Wall (or his apologists) will quickly come forward saying that Saskatchewan people are currently spending at record levels. What they won't tell you is that most of this spending is on credit due to current low interest rates NOT because they have more disposable income.

The other thing that Mr. Wall and his cohorts need to be reminded of is the record profits(you could also call it 'obscene' profits) that are being gouged out of the province by the Potash Industry.

PotashCorp gets a 111% increase in profit over a 3 month quarter this summer. You, on the other hand, get an average of 1% for the whole year.

Whose 'BOOM' is this in reality?

Wall can do better. Wall should do better. Great Premiers are remembered for what they accomplished for the average citizens of a province - not what they did for the barons of industry, big business and the rich.

**sorry for typos ... I'm working with just one eye at the moment.

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