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Saturday, August 27, 2011 

The VILEST Canadian - Ezra Levant?

There is no person on Canadian airwaves who is more vile than Ezra Levant. The photo above is a screen capture of his show on SunNewsNetwork that attacked Jack Layton and those who are mourning him.

I challenge decent respectable members of the Conservative Party of Canada to end their silence on this loon. Is this how you want to be portrayed? Is this what the Conservative Party of Canada is all about?

There is a special place in hell for people like Ezra.

-Let Freedom Rain has more ....

They look so much like Edith and Archie from All in the Family. But much funnier.

The right, here and the U.S, is made up of petulant little children. They don't have the emotional capacity to deal with their adult feelings. They rather go around the school halls of society and knock the books out of the hands of the smarter, more mature people. We see that with the P.M when he is "gleefully" proclaiming his artificial win over the left and we see the same thing in with the U.S. right wing gleefully proclaiming how they squeezed the president for concessions on different issues, no who they harm. That is the difference between liberals and the right. We see the finer details of our action, think twice before we make a move and try to be even handed for all, while the right is chalking up points on a scoreboard.

The conservatives have a majority. They've got it sewn up for the next four years at least. Their biggest threat is literally dead. What more does Levant want? Oh ya. He wants to mock.

it's long been known in Calgary that when Ezra Levant was delivered in the hospital, the doctor slapped his mother

Tami - funniest thing I've read for a long time. Still laughing.

tami: thank you! I needed that.

The opposite of Ezra Levant and company.

Tami, that means he was delivered by very smart doctors. :)

Dear Blanks;
I am not going to post your vile fascist right wing crap on my site.
Please go back to whatever little sleazy Saskatchewan Party hole you crawled out from. If you really want to do ezra that badly, I'm sure he'd oblige you.

That's just... no publishable word comes to mind.

Dear Blanks (again) - wow, you really got your slander hat on don't you.

Ezra Levant is the best thing that has happened to Canadian television. Ever! He is not only head and shoulders above his critics in smarts and wisdom, he is seriously funny. No wonder the humor-challenged Left loathe him. He skewers their pathetic conceits with fact and intelligence, and he has you in stitches with laughter doing it.

Ezra Levant was long overdue, an antidote to the monotony of opinion that long blanketed our airwaves, enforced by the apostles of tolerance and diversity who never saw a contrary point of view that they didn't demand be suppressed. To now witness their hypocritical, anti-intellectual PC fantasies being exposed for what they are is apparently just too much for their tender psyches. Well, suck it up princesses. The long nightmare is over. The voice of reason once more has a home in Canada.

Your's is perhaps one of the most retarded comments I have ever had posted on my site. Let me repeat ... RETARDED!

Ezra Levant is a seriously extreme - politically disturbed individual with some serious social problems, mostly manifested by his excessive anger and shrill demeanor.

If it were revealed that his entire performance was merely vaudeville scthick, intended to entertain, than perhaps I could be a bit more tolerant. However, I am convinced that deep within the recesses of his personality lies an extremist Rightwinger,in need of some very serious social maturation.

I am so sad for Canada. I used to be proud, but now am ashamed. Harper, I spit on you!!!

I am looking at this issue (Ezra Levant) from a different point of view. I was born and raised in a communist European country and learned not to say what I think. Unfortunately, after three decades in Canada, I make more and more use of this capacity. Do not misunderstand me: I believe in mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and open communications when it comes to resolving problems. Interestingly, when I watch US politics, I DO sympathize with the democrats not the republicans. But Canada is going so far to the left, that it is getting closer and closer to my "socialist" fatherland. It seems that US bashing has almost become a national past time. Even though I find Ezra sometimes on the far right side, there is a need to balance the over-all far left tendency of this country. The issues he brings up are real and that is the reason why many people would like to shut him up. What he says is not politically correct, which is a major crime today.

Communism is a failed extremist ideology and economic system of the FAR Left. Period. You get no disagreement from me on that. In the same way, authoritarian extremist ideologies from the FAR Right are just as detestable. Look at Latin American examples as well as 20th Century European Fascist gov'ts. Where I disagree with you (and Ezra) is you false assumption that anything remotely left (ie public health care, Old Age pensions) are BAD - you condemn the entire Left because of your feelings towards extremist communism.

Extreme Capitalism is not working out all that well lately, you might have noticed. The American Capitalists have given us a good dose of how bad/greedy they can be on the citizens of the nation.

The TeaParty movement is simple reactive idiocy and mass hysteria .

So whether it is Extreme Right or Extreme Left, the people seem to get the shitty end of the deal.

I favour an economy that has some balance between private enterprise, public enterprise and a healthy Co-op system. What's wrong with public health care and Old Age pensions? The Capitalist sector has ripped off hundreds of Billions from working citizens!

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