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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 

Brad Wall Caught With False Election Advertisment

This campaign, the Saskatchewan Party is putting forth a lot of 'attack ads' against New Democrat Leader, Dwain Lingenfelter. In their ususal enthusiasm to slander and slur, they have been caught with yet another falsehood:

"The New Democrats say the Saskatchewan Party is making false claims in a TV ad that touches on NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter's employment with a Calgary-based oil company.

And a retired executive with that company, Nexen, is backing the NDP up, saying the campaign ad is completely inaccurate.

The ad, which has been aired numerous times on Saskatchewan TV stations and has been posted to YouTube, essentially accuses Lingenfelter of serial hypocrisy on nuclear power, rent control and other issues.

"Dwain Lingenfelter says one thing but does another," the commercial says. The specific claim NDP officials are objecting to concerns Lingenfelter's role with Nexen as a vice-president of government relations at a time when the company moved an office from Regina to Calgary.

"He says he wants head office jobs in Saskatchewan but he moved his own head office and all those jobs to Calgary," the ad says.

However, Charlie Fischer, who was Nexen CEO at the time, said "that just is not true," adding the decision to move was not Lingenfelter's to make.

"He had nothing to do with that decision, so it's just not right," Fischer said.

Fischer described himself as a "fan" of Sask. Party Leader Brad Wall, but said he felt he needed to defend his former employee.

The Sask. Party, meanwhile, insists the ad is accurate. Kindersley candidate Bill Boyd says he was lobbied by Lingenfelter in 2001.

Boyd says Lingenfelter wanted the Wascana Energy Act dropped — a law which required his company to keep certain executive jobs in Saskatchewan.

Lingenfelter worked for Nexen as a vice-president of government relations when the company moved an office from Regina to Calgary.

"Once again the Sask Party focuses on negative campaigning instead of positive ideas for the future of our province," Lingenfelter said in a written statement."


As is usual, the Saskatchewan Party refuses to pull the false advertisement.

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