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Saturday, October 15, 2011 

Brad Wall Says 'Overestimation' Of Revenues Was His Biggest Mistake - Yet He Continues To Drag Flawed Estimates Into The Election Debate!

"Asked what was has been the most regrettable mistake of his first term, Wall quickly responded “that we didn’t build more caution in ’09 budget” that overestimated potash revenues by a massive $2 billion. He admits the massive economic boom in 2008 when the provincial government raked in an unexpected extra billion dollars in oil land lease sales alone likely contributed to the discarding of caution.
“But you know what? ’09 was likely the best thing that happened to us in this term,” Wall said, adding that it hopefully made both his government and party more cautious -"

Premier Brad Wall
Regina Leader-Post

October, 14 2011

"Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall, at a pancake breakfast Saturday in Regina, claimed the NDP's promise of resource revenue sharing with aboriginal groups would cost the provincial treasury $1.6 billion. Wall noted a return to an NDP government on Nov. 7 would mean a $900-million deficit over the next four years, even without the revenue-sharing promise. [...} The (New Democratic) party also pointed out that the Saskatchewan Party miscalculated the NDP's promise for additional health care clinics, by applying the full cost in each year of the promised four year phase-in of the plan. The NDP also say their opponent double-counted a $25 million promise for University of Regina student housing."
CBC Saskatchewan

"Even Friday's announcement of $320.8 million for a housing strategy - while a tad pricey when added to all the other NDP promises - wasn't all that bad. In a nice north Regina suburban home complete with a friendly mom and a bug's-ear-cute little girl, Lingenfelter introduced his "next-generation rent-control plan" that will include "fair-rent" legislation, $216 million to help community-based organizations build 2,500 affordable rental units and PST rebates to private developers building new homes valued under $280,000. It's not earth-shattering, but it beats Premier Brad Wall's policy of leaving it up to the landlords to sort the problem out with their renters.

Similarly, the NDP healthcare platform unveiled Wednesday was less terrifying than the Sask. Party tried to make it out to be. Again, it's a little pricey when you add up all the $10and $20-million items. But there are some good, affordable ideas here - including the much-ballyhooed 30 new primary clinics that the NDP is now pricing at $850,000 each year apiece. What Lingenfelter and the NDP are really talking about here is once-or twice-a-week walk-in clinics.

Regina Leader-Post
October 15, 2011

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