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Sunday, January 15, 2012 

The Liberal Party Of Canada WAS - IS - AND CONTINUES TO BE Hypocritical On Marijuana Reform

Why should anyone take the Liberals seriously on marijuana reform in Canada?

"While they were in power, Canada's former Liberal government introduced marijuana reform legislation a number of times ... and then let the Bills die on the order paper session after session, year after year.


Well because they were playing both sides of the political fence at the same time. Let me explain.

If you were absolutely in favour of marijuana law reform, the Liberals pointed to their proposed legislation that would lessen sentences for simple possession. They sounded progressive and sincere. However, if you were not in favour of marijuana law reform, the Liberals pandered to you by NEVER actually passing the many bills that they introduced.

For years, pot reform advocates let the Liberals off the hook, because, 'reform was on the horizon'! The Libs were going to show progressive action on the issue. Hmmm ... not so much.

Because they did nothing, Liberals have some explaining to do!"

Liberal Party Hypocritical on Marijuana reform

Moreover they were hypocritical because the same bill increased penalties for trafficking which means that the worst aspects of the marijuana trade--organized crime, violence, unsafe grow ops--would continue.

Is the NDP going to come out for full legalization, and I agree the Libs played, and played and thats a big reason they are number 3 and swirling.

This is one of the times I totally agree with you, Buckdog. The Liberals have perennial promises, like legalizing marajuana and a national daycare program, that they drag out every election and then put back into hibernation immediately after the take power.
Of course I'm against babysitting every kid in the country, but it's about time marajuana laws are drastically reformed.

What's even more disappointing was the resolution on the monarchy, which was defeated.

It goes to show just how utterly brainwashed and stupid the Canadian public is. Not one fart, no concern. After all, Canadians don't really know how government works; they rely on the officials, who constantly feed the public misinformation and outright lies about that evil institution.

I cannot see how we can hail an essentially undemocratic, elitist, unequal, antidemocratic, hereditary, arbitrary post of power that is unelected, unelectable, rules for life, and is succeeded by blood, regardless of public opinion, as "above politics" while we simultaneously cling to our House of Commons and call the proroguing of parliament as "undemocratic". After all, capitalists are elitists, thus that's why they want to preserve the monarchy.

Monarchy, however powerless, toothless or "benevolent" it is or seems to be, is evil, dangerous, oppressive, and must go. Reformers are, alas, focused on working around a problem rather than getting rid of the problem altogether. Anyone who is the head of a nation without consent of the people is unworthy of such an office, especially monarchs, who are dictators in all but name.

We are not truly free when we cannot elect our rulers, nor be elected ruler, nor if our rulers are not even Canadian. And no, the fucking Prime Minister isn't good enough, nor is he elected by anyone.

And to clarify my third paragraph, how can we hail the monarch as "above politics" when we're fighting for votes in our provincial and national elections for the respective legislatures? No one is above politics!

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